Experts Poll:

JOHNNY EAMES: (Veteran East London Trainer)
Like most people in British Boxing, I would love for Kell to do it but I think he’s bitten off more than he can chew. I just can’t see a way for him to win. And that’s no disrespect to Brook, it’s about how highly I rate Golovkin.

DARREN HAMILTON: (Former British light welterweight champion)
There are only two ways it can go. Brook on points or Golovkin between 6 and 8 rounds.
Early on, Golokvin will have problems with Kell’s movement and elusiveness, even though he cuts off the ring well.
I don’t think GGG will catch him with anything serous for the first 3 or 4 rounds but he’ll go to body first to slow Brook down.

NICK MANNERS: (Ex – Pro turned Leeds boxing doyen)
I just cant see it for Brook. I cant even say that I have seen GGG really rocked up to now.
I’m sorry but ai cant make a case for Kell except
Divine Intervention.

JIMMY TIBBS: (Legendary Trainer of Champions)
I think it’s a very big ask for Brook but he’s man enough to step up and have a go.
He’s a very good fighter but I think Gokovkin will overwhelm him at some point inside the distance.

SPENCER FEARON: (Historian and SKY pundit)
I think that Brook goes the distance and loses on points. BUT don’t be too surprised if Kell wins.
Call me crazy but I see flaws in Golovkin.

COLIN McMILLAN: (Former WBO featherweight champion)
Obviously it’s a big ask for Brook, not just stepping up in weight but facing an elite fighter like Golovkin.
There’s only two men in the ring and I think there is a way for Kell to win but I have to fancy Golovkin.
Kell is used to hitting smaller fighters and that makes a difference.

DANNY ‘CASSIUS’ CONNOR: (Domestic lightweight contender)
Golovkin is the better boxer, bigger puncher and bigger man. He’s a career long middle, Brook has struggled with rugged come forward types suck as Carson Jones and Shawn Porter.
GGG Is diamond of a pressure fighter and had boxing skills, plus he hits like a mule.
Too big a jump for ‘The Special One’ , Golovkin Inside 8 rounds.

TOM LUX: (Historian)
From a historical point of view it does summon up some nostalgic thoughts of past welterweights who stood up to be counted against a middleweight champion.. The biggest one that comes to my mind is when Ray Leonard defeated Marvin Hagler in 1987.
I’m not saying this fight in anywhere near the level of that fight between two certified all time greats, and I’m certainly not saying Kell Brook in anyway resembles Ray Leonard – but what I am saying is that he’s going to have to fight like him to beat GGG….!

ADAM SPELLING: (Ex-pro turned head coach of Lansbury ABC)
I’m thinking Golovkin in 5 or 6 but it could all be over in 2 rounds
If Brook wins I’ll run round the Lansbury gym naked …! Only joking . You can never say never.
Stranger things have happened.

JOHN BENNIE: (Ex pro and Scottish International amateur)
Plenty say Golovkin is still unrested ‘, as if this fight with Brook is his first real test.
We can say that Brook is untested as he has fought no-one anywhere near the level of GGG.
Brook is too one paced and doesn’t have the speed and elusiveness to trouble Golovkin.
Gennady will cut the ring off and Brook will feel ‘suffocated’, his plan will resort to not getting hit instead of using his own punches to keep Golovkin at bay.
For me, Brook has no chance of hearing the final bell and I’ll say the fight is over before the 7th round starts.

HEROL GRAHAM: (Former 2 weight British, Commonwealth and European champion)
I’ve got to go with Golovkin. For Brook to win he’s going to need to move and stay out of the way all night but Golovkin is good at cutting off the ring.
I see a stoppage at some point.

STEVE LILLIS: (BoxNation pundit and writer)
Golovkin in 6 rounds.

JOHNNY GREAVES: (Journeyman legend)
I see a positive start from Brook, landing a few great shots without really affecting GGG.
Then Golovkin starts finding the target and forces a stoppage mid too late rounds.

ALEC WILKEY: (Trainer)
The fight will go as long as Golovkin wants it to.

CARL GREAVES: (Ex Pro/Manager Promoter)

Obviously it’s difficult for me because Kell is a pal of mine but I just think it’s a bridge too far. I think Kell with give Golovkin as good as a fight as anyone has yet, but I just think power will be the difference and I see a stoppage in 8 or 10 rounds. I’m a million percent behind Kell and I think stepping up two divisions and doing what most middle weights wont’ do is an achievement in itself.

BARRY JONES: (Former WBO Champion)

I’m going for a stoppage win for Golovkin. It might be late as Brooke will give his all and Golovkin like’s to take his time. I hope I’m wrong I would love to see Kell do it.

RICKY PORTER: (Former southern area champion)

If you’d had asked me last week I would have said Golovkin by K.O, but I saw an interview with GGG the other day and he said he was looking to get some rounds in. I think he just MIGHT carry him.

MARK TIBBS: (Trainer of Champions)

Do you know what,  I originally thought that Kell Brooke would give Golovkin a better fight than Eubank. But then looking at the size difference and realising that Golovkin is more of a complete fighter at the weight, I think he can end it when he wants to. I see it going 6 rounds. But I also think he will want to give the british fans more value for their money, so you never know.

HARRY ANDREWS: (Trainer of Larry Ekundayo)

I think Golovkin wins in about 10 rounds.

This is boxing and anything can happen, we don’t don’t how Brook will be as a middleweight but I just think the Golovkin is a ‘super man’ right now. I’m the mould of Hagler.

IAN PROBERT: (Boxing Writer)

Boxing is littered with great upsets but I rather fear that this one is destined to end in tears – Kell Brook’s tears unfortunately. When you go into battle already outgunned you have to do something sensational to win. This looks likely to be Khan-Alvarez II.