Spencer Fearon: (Ex – Pro and Sky Pundit)
I’ve got Frampton winning this fight. I don’t think it will be as ferocious as last time, I think it will be more thoughtful.
I still think it will be a great fight and I think Frampton will take note risks whereas, in the first fight Santa Cruz was taking the risks and Carl was countering very well.
But Frampton on points again for me.

Steve Lillis: (BoxNation Pundit)
Quiet simply a brilliant fight to start the 2017 boxing calendar, but one where Frampton is the pick. He more than proved himself first time around as the better boxer and cannot be opposed. It is fantastic for him that he has a great rival like Santa Cruz, who will only enhance his legacy.

Jim McDonnell (Former European Super-featherweight champions and trainer of James Degale):
Because of the first fight, I lean towards Frampton. He’s done it before and knows what he has to to. I believe he’s a slight favourite and I think he wins again over the distance.

Billy Joe Saunders (WBO Super – middleweight champion.):
Frampton’s going to win on points. Split decision. Another good close, all action fight but Frampton is going to win it in my opinion.

Joey Pyle (Manager and Promoter):
I fancy Frampton again. Be a good fight but I think Carl will be a better fighter for the experience (of winning the first fight.) He just seems to have a buzz about him at the moment.

Spencer Oliver (Former European Super-Bantamweight Champion.)
I think it’s going to be the same again. I know it’s a cliche but it is a real 50/50 fight. Two great fighters well matched, it will be close but I think Carl is improving all the time and he wins again.

Joe Calzaghe (Former world super middleweight champion, former world light heavyweight
I think it will be like the last time. It will be a tough fight and a good fight to watch but I lean towards Frampton again.

Jon Pegg (Midland Boxing Doyen)
Santa Cruz wins in order to set up the trilogy. I think it might be close enough to go either way and, miraculously, Leo will get the nod.

Tim Witherspoon (Former WBC and WBA Heavyweight Champion.)
I’ve watched them both and it’s a great fight again. Frampton did what he had to do last time and was aggressive but I have a feeling Santa Cruz might win on points tomorrow night. But I wouldn’t put any money on this one.

Barry Jones (Former WBO Super – Featherweight Champion.)
I’m going for another Frampton win, in what again promises to be a fight of the year candidate . Carl has to do what he did last time and that’s let Santa Cruz feel his power early. Which slows down Cruz just enough to allow Frampton to work. It’s still a hard fight and might be a close call again, but I think Irish eyes will be smiling yet again.