British fan favourite Dave Allen is set to challenge rising French talent Tony Yoka this weekend in Paris. After a number of fights against David Howe and Lenroy Thomas, Allen is excited to finally get a breath of fresh and box abroad for the first time.

“It feels very strange to fight someone who is not David Howe or Lenroy Thomas. I’ve seemed to be fighting them two every fight now for the last five years,” said Allen in a video on his Twitter account.

‘White Rhino’ then joked that he’ll be a contestant on the hit reality show ‘Love Island’ should he lose to Yoka. But reminds that the pressure is on Yoka as French boxing currently relies very much on his shoulders.

“Secondly, all the pressure in this fight is on Tony. He is French boxing right now. If he loses French boxing is finished. If I lose I’ll go on Love Island next year,” he said.

The massive 6’7″ Yoka (4-0, 3 KO’s) is best known for medalling gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics and winning world championship gold in Doha in 2015.

Allen and Yoka will headline the card that also features former world champion Carlos Molina on June 23rd in Paris, France.