Liverpudlian heavyweight David Price has voiced his interest in taking on returning lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, with an autumn date mooted by his management team MTK Global.

Despite being on receiving end of a vicious knockout by Russian Alexander Povetkin in March, Price remains upbeat about his chances of gatecrashing the heavyweight scene – starting with a potential bout against long-time rival Fury.

“According to my management there could be a big fight in the autumn for me.” Price told Sky Sports.

“That’s why it’s so important to get this one done and dusted and out of the way, and then we can start talking about what’s going to happen next.”

Price, who still possesses one of the hardest punches in the heavyweight division, went on to question whether or not Fury may deem him too much of a risk at this stage of his comeback.

“Whether or not it’s something Tyson Fury would be interested in is another story, because you’ve got to look at the risk-reward factor for Tyson Fury, which I’ve spoken to him about anyway.” said Price..

“For him to fight me, I’ve lost five times, would he get any credit for beating me? Probably not and there’s the chance that I could knock him out, there is that chance, although that’s probably how he feels, there is always the fact that I think a lot of people would still like to see the fight.”

The two men have long been linked with a heavyweight showdown, with Fury vacating his British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles back in 2012 to scupper a bout with the then-unbeaten Price.

However, Price believes that with the ups-and-downs of both men’s careers, a bout between the two would now be “more interesting” than at any other time.

“It’s probably more interesting now than any other time, because of the circumstances that he’s coming back after a long layoff.” he continued.

“I’m kind of on the scrapheap in a lot of people’s eyes, so it would be a massive opportunity for me to upset the apple cart as a massive underdog, so I think a lot of people are interested in it for them reasons. I’m definitely interested in big fights like that, course I am, that’s why I’m in the game.”