Tony Bellew has claimed that WBC World heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is the “only man on the planet who can beat Anthony Joshua” – and stated that lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury would suffer a “brutal stoppage” if he were to step in the ring with either man or, indeed, himself.

“It’s embarrassing Deontay Wilder has 40 fights and fought the names he has. But, the only man on the planet who can beat Anthony Joshua is Wilder.” said Bellew in an interview with The Metro.

“No one else stands a chance. Not even Tyson Fury. Styles make fights. Does anyone think Joshua would find it hard to catch Fury clean? Does anyone think Fury has the power to hurt Joshua? It’s easy to see the outcome in that fight. It’s a brutal stoppage and I believe Wilder would do the same to Fury.” Bellew stated.

WBC ‘Emeritus’ cruiserweight champion Bellew continued by reiterating his own belief in his ability to topple the 6ft 9″ Mancunian if the two were to ever meet in the ring.

“I also believe a little fat cruiserweight would do the same. Fury is vulnerable right now. I don’t think he will ever see the form he once saw.” he continued.

The Evertonian cited Fury’s performance against another cruiserweight – Steve Cunningham in April 2013 – as a yardstick for how a potential clash between the two would go, and stated that he would go one further and close the show, unlime Cunningham before him.

“When Fury fought Steve Cunningham in New York city, he was at his absolute peak, and he was left flat on his back. Cunningham couldn’t finish him, but any decent fighter would have finished Fury. Cunningham is a brilliant fighter, but he’s not a puncher.” said Bellew.

“I would have no problem with Fury. I have never put a man down heavy like that and let him see the 12th round. That’s never happened. I’m a finisher, and so is Joshua and Wilder. Fury’s advantages stop the minute it goes past a few rounds. Once you figure out his awkwardness, he’s had it.”