Arthur vs Yarde II Trade Picks

Tonight, at the Copper Box Arena, London, and live on BT Sport Lyndon Arthur (19-0, 13 KOs) and Anthony Yarde (21-2, 20 KOs) will pick up where they left off from almost exactly one year ago.

That night Arthur while nursing an arm injury picked off the aggressive Yarde with his jab to record a victory which has led him to the number one contender spot with the World Boxing Organisation. The split decision verdict was argued post-fight by Yarde and his team who fully believed they did enough to take the win. It wasn’t long before promoter Frank Warren insisted that the two do it again.

A second triumph for Arthur will not only put the rivalry to bed but will see him in pole position to fight the winner of next month’s bout between champion Joe Smith and challenger Callum Johnson. Another loss for Yarde could leave his career in no man’s land and a second world title shot in tatters. 

So, with all that being said Boxing Social’s Shaun Brown picked up the phone to get 54 expert predictions.

Archie Sharp: “I’m genuinely on the fence for this fight. Yarde has the power to finish the fight anytime and I know he will not be waiting around to box; I think he’s going to press from the first bell. Arthur on the other hand has great boxing skills and can beat Yarde with basic boxing skills like the 1-2.”

Caoimhin Agyarko: “I think Lyndon wins. He’s a very good boxer that can hit as well. I think his boxing skills will get him the win like the first fight. I didn’t see the first one as close as others did but I expect him to win again.”

Jordan Gill: “I think Lyndon will show a lot of discipline and stick to his boxing and win on points despite having to weather a couple of rough patches.”

Johnny Fisher: “I think Yarde will bring the heat earlier this time and go for it. However, I think the timing and control will be with Arthur and it will be another points victory for him.”

Callum Johnson: “It’s such a close fight and so hard to decide. I think Yarde might win the rematch but that’s not a confident pick. Not even sure why as I picked Arthur in the first!”

Jon Pegg: Arthur late stoppage. I think Yarde has to press the fight for the stoppage as he now knows Arthur can outbox him. Doing that will empty the gas tank quicker and leave openings for the right-hand Arthur couldn’t get off last time to give Arthur a stoppage around 10 or 11.”

Dylan Moran: Lyndon wins it for me on points 100%.”

Paul Ryan: “I’m going to go with Lyndon Arthur by unanimous decision. I think his jab will be too sharp and be enough for him to bank enough rounds and coast to a decision.”

Dexter Makaza: Lyndon to win on points. Too well schooled. Best jab in Britain, very demoralising and deterring if you haven’t got a way of taking it away. He works everything off it. Very good, educated feints. And also, will have both hands this fight; fought with an injured elbow last time. I expect Yarde to perform a lot better this time though, which will make it closer on the cards.”

Andrew Cain: Lyndon beats Anthony on points. Arthur technically superior however Yarde got the equalizer in the power! Really intriguing rematch. Great fight. Arthur with two hands now too.”

Jonathan Kumuteo: Anthony Yarde wins. How? I don’t know.”

Image: Queensberry Promotions.

Anthony Cacace: “My prediction would be Arthur on points. Think he has the better boxing IQ and the better jab. Think Yarde will push him all the way though. Can’t see him getting in past Arthur’s jab much.”

Jason Cunningham: “It’s a great fight and I think it’ll be very close like the first fight. I’m edging with Lyndon Arthur on boxing ability but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a draw. Just got a funny feeling it could be.”

Anthony Farnell: “Hoping Lyndon but depending on how fast Yarde starts that could change the fight. If he starts fast, it could be a pick ‘em.”

Enzo Maccarinelli: “Wouldn’t surprise me either result but think Arthur again on points or late stoppage. I think it will be close again but see Yarde trying to push the fight more than he did last time and could leave himself open for Arthur’s accurate counters.”

Chris Jenkins: “I believe it’s a 50-50 and the one who gets in his rhythm first wins. Arthur gets his front hand going I can’t see Yarde having the foot speed and boxing brain to break his rhythm. Yarde’s chance of winning is by taking that jab away, close the distance and wing away. Yarde has to treat it like a 7-8 round fight to win as he will gas down the stretch. In summary it’s the boxing intelligence of Arthur or the power and strength of Yarde. May the best man win.”

Jazza Dickens: Arthur a talented fighter with a great coach and mentor in Pat Barrett. He can only be better with two hands.”

Denzel Bentley: “It’s tricky because it seems like Yarde is coming with a different mindset, but I think if he starts fast and doesn’t stop Arthur then Arthur wins on points. But if he takes his time and breaks Arthur down then Yarde can win by late stoppage.”

Iain Martell: “For me it’s a boxing lesson from Arthur with the very real threat of Yarde’s power and he knows this time he can’t mess around the whole fight; he’s going to have to go after him and try and put it on him. Most likely a points decision for Lyndon Arthur with the potential for a knockout.”

Jay Harris: “I think Lyndon will do the job on him again. The far better boxer.”

Jack Flatley: “I think Lyndon Arthur as he got the decision last time. He knows what he has to do to beat Yarde and I believe he is hungrier for a world title opportunity.”

Neil Marsh: “I think it’s a genuine 50-50 and will have to sit on the fence. Arthur did what was needed last time, but I feel outside the ring Yarde wasn’t in a good place and believe he will raise his game. I believe he is much better than his performance that night, but can Lyndon match it? A real close fight and may come down to who turns up with their A game on the night.”

Chris Bourke: “I think Lyndon is going to have to deal with a lot of pressure and high work-rate from Yarde in the first half of the fight, but I think he will weather the storm and stick to his boxing to win a close points decision.”

Joe Hughes: “I think Arthur will win again in a similar fashion, a close points decision after being successful behind his jab. Yarde will have some good moments as well, but I think Arthur will prevail in the end.”

Gary Lockett: “I think Arthur wins the rematch and probably more comfortably. Obviously, Anthony will be better this time around, but Lyndon will have nothing to fear like in the first fight. I expect Yarde to show a lot more energy and step on the gas a little more this time around, but I think Lyndon wins on points.”

Deion Jumah: “I’m leaning towards Lyndon Arthur putting in another shift going overtime with that jab. I’m not sure if Yarde truly acknowledges why he got beat in the first fight, which to me means it could be Groundhog Day for him. Lyndon points decision for me.”

Callum Bradley: “I think it’s going to be a very close fight again. I’m going to go for a draw, and we will see a third fight in the new year.”

George Davey: “My prediction is Yarde with the win, can see him coming out a bit more aggressively than last time.”

Jamie Moore: “I think Lyndon Arthur wins again. It was a close fight last time, but I thought Arthur deserved the decision, and looking at it from the outside it looked like he did it with one hand. Yarde hits hard so is in with a shout, but I think Arthur on points in similar fashion.”

Kevin Maree: “I was ringside for the first one and had Lyndon winning comfortably. Yarde will start much faster this time and unless he catches Arthur early Lyndon will outbox him again. Fights like this is where Yarde’s little amateur experience shows when he’s in with a good boxer.”

Mark Chamberlain: “Tough one but I think if Lyndon keeps to his boxing he could win with the jab and taking his time.”

Lee Eaton: Lyndon Arthur. Just believe his boxing ability and jab will be the key.”

Steve Goodwin: “I think it’s a very hard call. Most of the time immediate rematches go the same way but more decisively. Arthur fought with an injury and Yarde was so bad surely, he won’t be as bad again. We have to take into account that Yarde is the man the promoter favours. On this basis I go with Yarde on a very contentious decision.”

Leigh Wood: “I think Lyndon Arthur will win. He can stick to a game plan and does the important things which don’t always look exciting. Sometimes I think Yarde would rather look good and lose.”

Jack Massey – Lyndon wins for me. Either on points or late stoppage. I think Yarde will load up this time and gas out in the back end of the fight.”

Chris Billam-Smith: “I believe it will be very similar to the first fight and Lyndon wins on points again.”

Martin Harkin: “I’m picking Lyndon Arthur to win on points. He was injured for the first fight which I think held him back. I think Yarde should have got with another coach to take him to the next level. His coach is inexperienced, and I feel didn’t give him the correct instructions during the first fight.”

Quaise Khademi: “I got Yarde winning by stoppage in this one. I think he is going to correct his mistakes, cut the ring better and catch him with big shots.”

Nathan Heaney: “I can’t pick between the two. We could see a glaring weakness in Yarde’s work-rate in the first fight, so will this make a difference if he changes it up in this fight? I’m on the fence.”

Troy Williamson: Arthur points.”

Nathan Gorman: “I think Arthur will win probably by points or late stoppage. Yarde has power but Arthur’s IQ is far better in my opinion. I think Arthur has the measure of him now.”

Kal Yafai: “Going with Arthur again. Just winning with two hands this time!”

Shabaz Masoud: “I think Lyndon Arthur because he has a better boxing IQ and more to his game than Yarde.”

Matthew Macklin: “Again, this is a difficult fight to pick a winner with any real confidence. I expect to see Yarde start much quicker because those early rounds that Arthur bagged ended up costing him the fight first time. That said, I think he will have learned and improved a lot from that fight too, so it’s a tough one to call. Gun to my head… I probably lean to Yarde. Split decision to Yarde.”

Hosea Stewart: “Tough choice. I believe both fighters have a lot to prove going into this so it will be hotly contested but I can see Arthur getting the double. The confidence is there already from the previous win, and he’ll have a point to prove that he can do it again.”

River Wilson Bent: “I’m going with Lyndon. He beat Yarde with his jab last time. What’s he going to be like with two hands? It’s going to be a class fight to watch. Looking forward to it.”

Liam Conroy: “I think Lyndon Arthur will win. He doesn’t need to change anything from the first fight for me, but he has more in his locker than he shown there I believe. Style wise he’s all wrong for Yarde in my opinion.”

Paul Butler: “I think Lyndon. I think Yarde has to do it inside six rounds, but I don’t think he has the engine to keep it on Lyndon. I think the confidence Lyndon has gained from the last win over him will play a big part.”

Tony Sims: “I didn’t think the first fight was as good as I thought it was going to be. I thought Arthur won the fight solely on his jab. Yarde didn’t look at all explosive. I think if Yarde steps on the gas and puts the work-rate and pressure on early he can win inside the distance, but if he stands off like last time Arthur will just pick him off with the jab again.”

Fabio Wardley: “I think it’s going to be pretty much a repeat performance. Arthur boxed a great fight last time and I think he’ll just build on that performance; he’ll go into this with twice as much confidence as before and if he gets the right hand off more this time around, he could almost run away with it. I feel Yarde is very set in his ways and will find it difficult to be disciplined and box to a game plan that would counter Arthur’s work. 

Liam Williams: “I’m thinking Arthur will win again.”

Robbie Davies Jr: “I’ve got Lyndon Arthur winning. He knows what he’s in with this time round and what Yarde brings. I think he will give an even better performance knowing Yarde will be changing his game plan slightly. I imagine maybe more pressure etc. But I expect a good fight and I’m going Lyndon points win.”

Barry Jones: “Going for Arthur to repeat the same result. It might end up being a close one and even though Yarde has the power to win a fight at any stage I think Arthur, if he stays disciplined, can win it with a solid jab and economical attacks.”

Jack Bateson: “I think Lyndon Arthur wins on Saturday in similar fashion to last time on a close points decision.”


Arthur – 40 picks

Yarde – 6 picks

Undecided – 7 picks

Draw – 1 pick