Bruce ‘Shu Shu’ Carrington is one of America’s big hopes heading into the 2021 Olympic Games. Despite a standout amateur career so far, the 23-year-old lightweight still shocked many onlookers by qualifying for Tokyo before the Covid-19 Pandemic postponed the Olympics for 12 months. 

Despite this delay, the Brownsville-born Carrington has continued working hard as he attempts to be the first man to earn gold for Team USA since Andre Ward way back in 2004. Hailing from the fighting area of Brooklyn that lit the flame in the likes of Mike Tyson, Carrington feels he is set to follow the path of the greats who went before him.

“I’m from Brownsville, Brooklyn. It’s a place where legendary fighters have come from, from Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe, Danny Jacobs, and many more, Brownsville is a fighting place and I’m very proud of where I’m from,” Carrington told Boxing Social.

“I love Brownsville. Like it wasn’t the easiest place to grow up and I saw some bad stuff go on such as shootings, drug abuse. The stereotypical things that you associate with inner-city areas all over the world. The people in Brownsville though have always looked out for me. They love fighters and, when I started doing well in the amateurs, they looked after me and made sure I always worked hard and stayed in the gym. So I owe a lot of my success to the people in Brownsville. 

“Of course, I was disappointed to not be boxing this summer but I’ve just gotten better and better. I’ve been at major tournaments and major events since I was a kid, now I’m ready to shine on the biggest stage of them all, Tokyo 2021.” 

With an additional year of preparation now given to fighters who qualified for the delayed Olympiad, Carrington has upped his game, working with some of America’s elite fighters, amateur and pro, making the most of a year in limbo.

“This year has only improved me as a fighter. I’ve been working hard in the gym and sparring some top class, talented fighters like Jahi Tucker, Yasin Subhanallah, and also spending time around a great man from Brownsville, [trainer] Andre Rozier,” said Carrington.

“Uncle Dre is a great man. I love spending time around Andre and the Havoc/MTK New York camp. It’s always great to learn from the elite of the sport who come from where I come from, too. So spending time around Andre and his team has really helped me improve prior to the Olympic Games. 

“We’ve been back training in Colorado, ahead of a couple international bouts, and training at altitude is always hard but it’s bringing out the best of me, and I want to thank all the National Team coaches and staff for getting us back into camp despite the obstacles presented by Covid-19. 

“I really enjoy being in Colorado and I know that combining my training in New York and with the national team will result in me winning a gold medal. I don’t see any other outcome in Tokyo than myself winning a gold medal.”

The boxing world will be watching.