Dickens vs Galahad II Trade Picks

In 2013, Kid Galahad and Jazza Dickens met for the vacant British super-bantamweight title with the former having too much on the night for his rival.

Both men went their separate ways since then and have been on paths which haven’t always been smooth and straightforward. After varying levels of success, the pair meet eight years on in a rematch, this time for the vacant IBF featherweight title at Matchroom HQ on Saturday night.

For many, it is a 50-50 fight and a genuine, compelling argument can be made for either man to win. Boxing Social picked up the phone to get some expert predictions.

Arnie Farnell: I think Galahad will win again and it will be the same outcome as the first fight. I think Galahad has got better with age where I think Jazza is on the slide.

Callum Bradley: I think it’s a real 50-50 fight. Dickens has really improved over his last few fights. I think it will come down to who wants it more on the night. I’m edging towards Dickens by close points decision.

George Davey: I think Kid Galahad will win. He is very awkward and will be too much for Jazza.

Chris Billam-Smith: I’ll edge with Galahad on points in a very close fight.

Hosea Burton: It’s going to be a very close fight. I’m slightly leaning towards Jazza as I think he has a very good boxing brain.

Barry McGuigan: I think Galahad is too versatile for Dickens. He wins on points for me.

Jay Harris: I’m going for Jazza. He’s boxed class recently and to be honest I really hope he does it. Tough fight though as I thought Kid Galahad beat Josh Warrington.

Kevin Maree: It’s a real 50-50. Rematches tend to go the same way. But the higher weight, more activity and two wins against Wood and Walsh might just tip it to Dickens. We have seen a lot of results go to the boxers that have been the most active recently and Dickens is on a roll.

John Docherty: Kid Galahad in a very close fight. I think Galahad is too good of a boxer for Dickens. I think his boxing brain wins the fight for him.

Mark Chamberlain: Tough call. 50-50 fight. I’m going to go Jazza purely because of how much he has come on in the last few fights.

Jon Pegg: Tricky. I’m going to go with recent form over the past results. I think Dickens can nick a wafer- thin decision with desire and work rate in the last few rounds.

Matthew Macklin: I think it will be very tight, hard to call. Galahad looked brilliant in his last fight against Claudio Marrero. Jazza looked very good too in his last fight. I think it will be a split decision either way or could even be a draw!

Kieran Smith: Genuinely can’t pick a winner here. I like both guys, they both live the life to the extreme of what it takes to be a world champion. I think Galahad has better boxing skills, but I think Jazza has more of a dog fight in him. On the fence!

Tony Sims: I think it’s a close fight. I go with Kid Galahad on points. Just think he’s very hard to hit cleanly and has that little bit more in his armoury. Although I’m not completely counting Dickens out of winning a tight decision himself.

Troy Williamson:Kid Galahad on points. I really rate him. He’s a slick fighter.

Ted Cheeseman: I reckon a draw. They’ve both improved loads since the first fight they had, and it will be a chess match with both nicking rounds off each other in a close fight.

Charlie Edwards:Jazza for me. I think he’s come on so much and will have the bit between his teeth even more so this time round. Especially because of what happened last time. He will be hungry for revenge.

John Ryder: Galahad. I think he’ll have the belief in beating Dickens from before and will go out and win well.

Joe Hughes: I think Jazza wins a very close fight on points this time. He’s coming off some really good wins recently and has been more active than Galahad, so I think he’ll have enough to just edge it.

Gamal Yafai:Galahad late stoppage.

James Beech Jr: Jazza Dickens for me. He’s been more active and progressed a lot since their first fight. His win over Wood shows just how high of a level that win was.

Kal Yafai: Very interesting rematch. Both are quality operators but going with Galahad. Think he’s got the quality and fought the better opposition with wins over Toka Kahn [Clary], Marrero and the close loss to Warrington.

Sam Jones: I think Galahad is an excellent operator. Jazza is on an excellent run of form, he performed amazing in the Golden Contract. I can’t give you a winner in this one. I can’t split them.

Martin Bowers: I think Jazza will press the action, keep coming forward and try to rough him up on the inside. Galahad will try to keep it long and sharpshoot from the outside and win in close tie him up. I think Galahad fiddles his way through to a close decision.

Sahir Iqbal: I think Dickens will take it, but it’ll be very close. He’s improved a lot since they last fought, and he’s been a bit more active.

Carl Greaves: I think Jazza has improved immensely and in the form of his life. However, Kid beat him well the last time they fought. I think it will be a very close fight this time and I’m going with Galahad to win by split decision.

Martin Harkin: I think Kid Galahad will win on points. Both have improved since their last fight, but I think Galahad is the more polished fighter and picks his shots better. Jazza can be quite reckless at times.

Rylan Charlton: I think Dickens wins this. I think he has this in the bag.

Kash Farooq: I’m going with a draw. It’s going to be a very cagey fight.

Maxi Hughes: I’m picking Jazza Dickens. He’s been improving himself over the years and he’s in a great run of form. He’s got great momentum and his confidence will be through the roof. He’s a lot more rounded fighter than he was when they first met.

Jack Bateson: I’m well and truly on the fence. Jazza has come on leaps and bounds since they last met. It’s going to be a real chess match.

Dan Azeez: Galahad. Slicker and more fluid.

Lerrone Richards: I’m torn but I’m going to go with Galahad in this one. Both quality operators. Even though Dickens has been more active I feel Galahad’s unorthodox style will see him through.

Caoimhin Agyarko:Kid Galahad will win. He’s the better technical boxer. He’s very smart in there and has beat Dickens before so I think he’ll get the job done.

Jack Massey:Kid Galahad wins this. I think he has the tools and ability to win comfortably. I predict a late Galahad stoppage.

Chris Bourke:Galahad points. I think Jazza will try and walk him down, work on the inside but Galahad will just be too tricky and awkward for Jazza to pin down and win rounds.

Hosea Stewart: Ooo, I’m on the fence with this one I think both fighters have a lot to give but I’d lean towards Galahad though.

Galahad – 19

Dickens – 12

Draw – 2

Undecided – 4

Main image: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing.