Fury-Whyte: Trade Picks

It’s finally here. Many had their doubts it would happen but tonight at Wembley Stadium Tyson Fury will defend his WBC heavyweight title against mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte.

The mobility and Kronk-style of ‘The Gypsy King’ against the improved, tenacious, and powerful ‘Body Snatcher.’

Ninety-four thousand people in attendance, a pay-per-view audience, and enough arguments to mull over till the first bell. You’ll have your pick but what about the boxing industry?

This is Trade Picks: Fury v Whyte. Fifty expert predictions on one of the biggest fights ever.

Liam Conroy: “I think Fury will win on points by keeping Whyte on the end of his range with hard shots and unable to find openings to fire back.”

Denzel Bentley: “Dillian Whyte looks focused, so I think he’ll put up a great fight, but I think Fury gets it on points.”

Kevin Barry: “Tyson’s movement, his feints, his herky-jerky style will give the slow-moving, flat-footed Dillian Whyte fits. This should be a very easy fight for Tyson.”

Kash Farooq: “I’m going with Fury; I think he will use his height and reach to box and win on points.” 

Quaise Khademi: “Fury out-boxes Whyte from fourth round onwards, Fury stops Whyte under eight rounds.”

Tim Tszyu: “I think Fury. Too big, too strong, too slick and his got momentum and confidence on his side.” 

Jazza Dickens: “Heavyweight boxing is the most unpredictable weight class but Fury for me has been tested at the highest-level time and time again. He always finds a way.”

Lee Selby: “I’m sitting on the fence, again. I really like Dillan Whyte; I think he’s improved massively. He can punch and is a real handful for anyone, but he could struggle with the size and movement of Fury. If I had to put money on it, I would pick Fury to win on points, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Dillian caused the upset.”

Martin Harkin: “I see it being Fury keeping the fight at a long distance, and towards the end of the fight Fury’s punches will start to have an effect on Dillian. I’ve got it a wide Fury points win with a tired beat up Whyte at the end.”

River Wilson Bent: “Whyte wins by stoppage. Think he is very unorthodox, and it could be a clash of styles. He will cause trouble for Fury especially when he digs to the body and slows them legs down.” 

Gary Jacobs: “Whyte, waited a few years for his chance. Tyson Fury, an incredible trilogy with Wilder. Fury for me. Stoppage win.”

Jon Pegg: “Fury points. Both have trained hard enough to do the 12. Just see Fury being too tough and too skilful for Whyte to have an effect.”

Arnie Farnell: “I really think it’s a 50/50 fight. The reason why is it’s like a lower down fight from the Wilder ones and I’m not sure Tyson will be truly motivated for it after the way he was motivated (hope I’m wrong). And it’s a HUGE motivational fight for Whyte and that could push him up a level. On the fence.”

Kelly Pavlik: “I got Fury in this one, although it is the heavyweights, and anything can happen. I just think Fury’s size and boxing ability will be too much for Whyte.” 

John Docherty: “Fury KO. And he out-boxes him all night. I think a late KO about round 10.” 

Rylan Charlton: “I’m gonna go with Fury because he’s a giant with very good boxing skills.”

Brandun Lee: “I’m picking Fury to win. I like how loose and relentless Tyson Fury can be.” 

Troy Williamson: “Fury points.”

Billy Nelson: “Fury by stoppage. I believe he will dominate Dillian with the jab and simple punches before stopping him around the ninth round.”

Chris Bourke: “I think Tyson Fury on points. Think his boxing ability and awkwardness is going to give Dillian Whyte too many problems and he will lose on points in an entertaining fight.” 

Phil Jeffries: “I think Fury beats him on points or stoppage late. Probably late KO.”

Paul Butler: “I’m going to go for Tyson, in a great fight while it lasts. Fancy Tyson to make him work really hard, use his size and get to him late like he did with the third Wilder fight.” 

Jay Harris: “I think Fury is going to win but I really hope Whyte wins.” 

Mark Chamberlain: “If Fury sticks to his boxing, I think he will come out in top but if he gets drawn into a dog fight, he will have to be careful of Whyte’s left hook.”

Nathan Gorman: “I think Tyson probably inside eight rounds. Too big, too strong. I think Tyson is the best heavyweight in the world.”

Matthew Hatton: “I fancy Tyson to win the fight quite strongly. I think this chance is coming a little bit late for Dillian Whyte. I watched him up close in his last couple of fights with Povetkin and I think he’s showing signs of wear and tear. I’m struggling to see a case for Dillian. He’s got the power and you never know in the heavyweight division but I’m pretty convinced Fury will win possibly by stoppage.”

Kalle Sauerland: “I expect a Fury victory, but I expect a tough fight. I think Dillian Whyte’s one of the most improved heavyweights over the last few years. I think Tyson’s the man to beat in the division at the moment.”

Joe Hughes: “I think Fury wins via late stoppage after out-boxing Whyte for the majority of the fight.” 

Otto Wallin: “I’m expecting a good fight, but I think Fury is going to win. He has the size and boxing skills needed to beat Whyte. I don’t think Whyte is fast enough with his hands or feet and you really need that to be able to corner Fury. Whyte can’t win a boxing match against Fury.”

Colin McMillan: “I think if you are a betting man you have to favour Tyson Fury as he has proved he is technically adept and has a great chin. Dillian Whyte has the punching power to make things interesting, but he will need to get close to have any success. Think it might be a similar fight to the Fury v Chisora contest years ago. Fury on points.”

Wayne McCullough: “I like Fury within four rounds. Long jabs then left uppercut to chin.”

Jason Cunningham: “Fury win. I’m not sure on verdict, probably leaning more towards a points victory. It’s heavyweight boxing so one shot can make a difference. But Fury’s the number one in the world and there’s levels so Fury wins.”

Mark Dunlop: “My prediction goes to Tyson Fury by TKO round nine. Tyson is just too big, strong, and schooled for any heavyweight on the planet right now. He is also still very fresh and by far the finished article.”

Kevin Maree: “I just can’t see it being without some drama. Whyte has waited so long he’s going to give it his all. Whyte to be winning on the scorecards before Fury stops him very late.”

Clinton McKenzie: “I would go for Fury to win because of his boxing skills. I will go with him to win by 10th-round KO.

Jack Bateson: I think Fury wins on points but will have a few scares from Whyte who will be aggressive and apply pressure. But Fury wins on points and outboxes Whyte for the majority of it once he finds his rhythm.”

Archie Sharp: “I believe Tyson Fury wins by stoppage. I think Whyte will be very dangerous early on, but Fury is too clever and will out box him. Then later on he’ll put his foot on the gas and stop Whyte.” 

Tasha Jonas: “I’m always going against Fury, and he proves me wrong every time. So, I’ll try another tactic…I think Fury wins. How depends on which Fury turns up. He can make it as easy or hard as he wants.”

Shabaz Masoud: “I think Fury beats him as long as the tactics are spot on, and he doesn’t get drawn into a toe-to-toe fight. He beats him easy and maybe even stops him after a few rounds. However, it is heavyweight boxing and if he does get into a fight with him then it’s anyone’s fight.”

Callum Bradley: I think Fury will win on points. I think he’s got more experience in the bigger fights and he’s a bigger man but it’s boxing, it wouldn’t surprise me if Whyte pulled the upset off.”

Anthony Fowler: “I think Fury will come through with the win on points after a really hard-fought victory. Whyte is much improved and will push him all the way.”

Jack Massey: “I’m going Fury late round stoppage. Let’s say round 11.” 

George Arias: “I think Fury right now is the man. Has proven it back-to-back to back with his Wilder trilogy and I think if Whyte pulls this off it will be a huge upset. Fury seems untouchable.”

Chloe Watson: “I’d say Fury points. I believe the first few rounds will be fairly cagey as I see Tyson adopting different looks and stances, feeling out which feels comfortable. Once the range/timing of both fighters is found I think the intensity will grow intensively, then drop, with Fury commanding
the rounds with his jab and footwork, leading to a points victory.” 

Maxi Hughes: “My pick is Fury. The superior boxer and bigger man. Deontay Wilder, biggest heavy weight puncher couldn’t keep Fury down. He has an iron chin.”

Leigh Wood: “Fury. Adaptable and bigger man.”

Chris Jenkins: “Got to go with Fury. The only way Whyte has a chance is if he gets in close and starts throwing the big hooks. Fury has been caught a lot in the last few fights but somehow whenever he goes down, he gets straight back up. The man is a different level. Fury points.” 

Tony Sims: “I’m rooting for Dillian Whyte as he’s friend of mine. It’s a tough fight. You’ve got to make Fury the favourite and rightly so, he’s a unique boxer and very difficult to beat. But Dillian will be in there for every inch of the fight to make it a hard contest. I have to go with Fury on a tough points decision.”

George Davey: “My prediction is Fury. I can see him outboxing Whyte.”

Sam Eggington: “I think Tyson could box his way to a hard but comfortable points win. If he boxes how we know he can on the front foot like he did with Wilder, it makes the fight a 50-50. I like both guys but I’m going with Whyte just because I love an underdog!”


Fury – 46 picks

Whyte – 2 picks

Undecided – 2 picks