Khan vs Brook Trade Picks

After years of will they or won’t they Amir Khan and Kell Brook have the chance on Saturday night to settle once and for all who is the better fighter.

Their rivalry was born in the amateur days, and it has grown and grown to a point where many thought we would never see them fight. Finally, these two bitterest of enemies will enter the ring in an encore to two careers that has brought them success, money and fame but never the win they sought most.

The question is who wins? What does each man have left after years of toil and sacrifice? In our biggest Trade Picks yet Boxing Social has asked over 100 members of the boxing industry to give us their expert prediction for Khan v Brook.

Natasha Jonas: “It’s hard to choose but when it comes down to it, I can see more ways for Khan to win than Brook.”

James Cook:Brook late around 10 or 11. Khan has fast hands and good movement, but he won’t be able to keep Brook off him for 12 rounds. Brook will catch him in the end.”

Colin McMillan: “A hard one to pick. If Khan hasn’t declined too much during the last couple of years, he might have the slight edge.”

Wayne McCullough: “I think Khan wins on points.”

Otto Wallin: “I’m going to pick Brook. Khan doesn’t have the strongest chin, so I’ll say by KO.”

Clinton McKenzie: “I have Khan on points… just.”

Shane McGuigan: “My prediction is Brook inside six rounds. If Khan can get through the first six rounds, I think he would be the favourite on a points decision as he is so very fast. I can’t see it going the distance. Brook is heavy handed and a good finisher.”

Ryan Garner: “It’s a tough one but I’m going with a Khan points or late stoppage.”

Jamie Conlan: “It’s a really hard one to call but I’m going with Khan on points. Looks like he’s done the right thing surrounding himself in a camp with Terence Crawford and co getting good sparring and high-altitude training.”

Gary Jacobs: “Khan for me, I think. Both are great fighters.”

George Groves: “I think Khan wins on fresher legs. Think Brook’s plan is to walk Khan on to one, but it might be the other way round and Khan walks him onto a shot and stops him. I’m going Khan in rounds 6 to 9 but I’m not confident.”

Kevin Barry: “I have to go with the stronger, more physically superior and bigger punching Kell Brook. When he catches Khan clean it will be hard to continue.”

Kieran Smith: “Kell Brook KO. Brook’s timing will nullify Khan’s speed.”

Maxi Hughes: “Amir Khan will get the win. Down to his speed and the weight will suit Khan better.”

Rylan Charlton: “I’m going with Amir Khan. I think his speed will be too much. I’m just hoping he keeps his chin down and doesn’t get caught.”

Liam Walsh: “I’m going Amir Khan stoppage between rounds 8 and 12.”

Ryan Walsh: “I’m going Khan points in a very tight affair.”

Jason Cunningham: “I’m picking Khan. Brook with making the weight and lay off I just have a feeling it could be Khan’s night.”

Chris Jenkins: “If I had to put my last pound on it, I would say Kell Brook. He has been slightly more active and in the gym more over the last 12-18 months.

Kal Yafai: “I’m going Brook in rounds 6 to 9. Think his timing will be a big factor.”

Galal Yafai: “Amir Khan late stoppage.”

George Davey: “I say Kell Brook. I think Khan is past his best now.”

Sunny Edwards: “Amir Khan because Dominic Ingle (Brook’s trainer) can’t seem to pick a winner at the moment.”

Steve Wood: “I’m going Amir Khan based solely on his speed which I think will get him a big lead early on.”

Jazza Dickens: “I’m saying Kell Brook. He seems to have the bit between his teeth.”

Jack Bateson: “I think Amir Khan has looked better the last few times out, so I’ll go with Khan on a points decision.”

Quaise Khademi: “It’s a tricky fight. I see Amir Khan winning by decision if he keeps moving after landing.”

Joe Hughes: “I think Amir Khan wins via a late stoppage after a few risky moments in the fight.”

Denzel Bentley: “I think Amir Khan wins on points. I think he’s still got the hand speed and is the fresher out of the two.”

Liam Davies: “I fancy Kell Brook to do the business early in the first four rounds. Too sharp and too strong for Khan who I believe will struggle with the power of Brook.”

Chris Bourke: “I can see Khan winning the early rounds and then from rounds 5-6 Brook will get closer to him and eventually get the knockout in the later rounds.”

Tony Sims: “I’m going for Brook. I just think he’s the fresher of the two and he carries the power to finish it in any round.”

Tommy McCarthy: “Khan for the win. Better boxing IQ, more experience at elite level and the fastest hands of all-time!”

Shabaz Masoud: “I believe it’s a 50-50 fight. This fight will show who still has something left in the tank. Whoever comes with the better tactics will win this fight.”

Iain Martell: “They’re both past their best but it’s a great fight. I’m sitting on the fence.”

Martin Harkin: “I think Khan beats him late TKO with his speed and boxing ability. I think the fight will be stopped on cuts/swelling from the wear and tear Brook’s suffered over the past few fights.”

Jay Harris: “I think Khan will win. Both past their best but I think Khan has been in with the better opponents.”

Matthew Macklin: “It’s difficult as we simply don’t know what either guy has left. Gun to my head… I lean to Brook. Bigger puncher and better chin in what could be a shoot-out!”

Troy Williamson: “Kell Brook late stoppage.”

Ted Cheeseman: “Brook stopping him between rounds 6 and 12.”

Robbie Davies Jr: “Amir will start fast. As rounds go on Kell will start to time Amir and knock him out before midway. Kell KO win.”

Kevin Maree: “I’m going to say a draw and a huge rematch in the summer.”

Liam Conroy: “I would have picked Khan a few years ago but I pick Brook now.”

Kelly Pavlik: “I will have to go with Khan. I think speed and some of the eye injuries can affect Brook.”

Hosea Stewart: “I’d just about favour Brook going into this one.”

Mark Chamberlain: “50-50. I think Brook might be a bit too strong, but Khan could be too slick.”

George Arias: “I pick Amir Khan to win. 

Frank Smith: “I’m saying Kell Brook by stoppage.”

John Ryder: “I think Kell wins by KO.”

Gamal Yafai: “Kell Brook. I think he has more left than Khan.”

Jack Massey: “I’m going for Kell Brook stoppage in the late rounds.”

James Beech Jr: “Khan on points. I think his speed will be a bit too much and get him the win.”

Jordan Gill: “I think Brook in rounds 4 to 6. I think Kell’s accuracy will get him rocking and then finish the job.”

Hosea Burton: “Amir Khan wins big and wins on points.”

Jon Pegg: “Amir Khan in mid-rounds stoppage. I think his speed catches Brook who will be attacking a bit recklessly and cause maybe a controversial stoppage.”

Billy Nelson: “Khan to win by stoppage. His speed will be the major factor. I think Kell has been in too many hard, damaging fights and won’t cope with Khan’s speed.”

Arnie Farnell: “I think Kell chins him if his timing and accuracy is still good. Khan just relies on speed and doesn’t think about defence when he’s throwing or has just finished attacking.”

Callum Bradley: “I’m going to pick Amir Khan on points. I think Khan’s hand speed and movement will give Brook problems.”

Caoimhin Agyarko: “I think Brook stops him mid to late rounds. I think Khan has had too many hard fights and bad KOs. I don’t think his chin will hold up.”

Bozy Ennis: “50-50. If I had to put money on it? Kell Brook.”

Callum Johnson: “I genuinely can’t pick a winner. Amir points or Kell KO but can’t decide on either.”

Chloe Watson: “I’m gonna go with Brook as that’s who I would have said five years ago. It’s anyone’s guess which is what makes the fight that much more exciting.”

Paddy Donovan: “I believe Kell Brook will win this fight, but I believe it will be very close. I favour Kell slightly on points.”

Will Cawley: “I think Amir Khan wins by late stoppage. I think Amir with the quicker hands will land more and do more damage.”

Nick Campbell: “I’m going to go for Amir Khan by stoppage. It’s a real pick ‘em fight but I’m leaning towards Khan. If he still has that hand speed, he can cause Brook a lot of problems.”

John Hedges: “I believe Kell Brook wins on a majority points decision.”

Demsey McKean: “I think Kell Brook wins via decision. I think he’s been slightly more active, and I think that will play a part in getting him over the line.”

Francesco Patera: “It’s a 50-50 match-up. I slightly favour Brook to win by late stoppage or close points win.”

Alex Dilmaghani: “I’ll choose my pick stylistically. I think Khan’s speed is amazing but he’s always 100mph. Brook’s timing and power is better. I think Brook stopes him mid rounds.”

Johnathan Kumuteo: “Kell Brook wins via late stoppage.”

John Murray: “Khan will win by KO in the middle rounds.”

Spike O’Sullivan: “A points win for Khan. If Brook doesn’t get an early stoppage, he’ll tire down the stretch.”

Carl Fail: “I’m going with a Brook KO in rounds 6 to 9. Khan will start well but Brook will break him down and catch later in the fight.”

O’Shaquie Foster: “I have little faith in either but if I had to choose it would probably be Kell Brook.”

Liam Paro: “I’m going to go with Khan on points.”

Dexter Makaza: “If we’re going by good versions of them, I can see Khan building an early lead until Brook gets the measure of him leading to a mid to late round stoppage.”

Craig Dickson: “I think Brook just. Only because he may be that bit fresher of the two. I’ll go for Brook on points.”

Harry Scarff: “I used to always say Brook. I’ve got a feeling Khan wins, with the Crawford camp, and maybe Kell will be a bit too eager.”

Nicola Hopewell: “I think Brook will win by stoppage. I think Khan will come out quick, but Brook will catch and stop him in rounds 6 to 8.”

Hannah Baggaley: “I think Khan. Better boxer. Both past their prime but still hard to pick a winner however I will go with Khan.”

Hannah Rankin: “I’ve been so indecisive on this one, but I think I’m going with Kell Brook for the knockout.”

Tommy Frank: “I think Kell’s timing will play a factor. I can still see him catching and hurting Khan. Leaning towards Kell. Think his timing and power will be the difference.”

Dave Jennings: “If Khan is up on the card after six rounds, I see him winning this fight on points. He may have to get off the canvas early on to win.”

Mark Tibbs: “Tough call for me. Khan keeps it long he wins. If Brook can get close, he wins. Lifestyles come into play also. Intriguing fight for sure.”

Clifton Mitchell: “It’s a 50-50 pick ‘em fight. I think Khan has more miles on the clock. I’m going with Brook.”

Ramez Mahmood: “I do think Khan will find the target first and bewilder Brook early. I’m leaning towards him taking a stoppage between rounds 6 to 8.”

Emmet Brennan: “A 50-50 fight. I’m going to go with Khan points decision or late stoppage.”

Bradley Rea: “Changed my mind most days. I think I’m going with a Khan points decision. A slower Khan is still very, very fast and that will be the deciding factor.”

Paul Ryan: I think Brook wins via late stoppage in rounds 8 to 10. I think he’ll be too strong, and Khan is chinny!”

Dylan Moran: “I’m going with Brook. I think he’s got more left in the tank.”

Tyrone McKenna: “I believe Khan will be too sharp and fast for Kell and will get a late stoppage.”

Pierce O’Leary: “If Khan stays switched on in the early rounds, he may be too fresh for Brook. I’m edging towards Khan winning on points.”

Brad Foster: I think Brook wins by stoppage.”

Anthony Cacace: “Khan to win most of the early rounds as I think he’s the much quicker and better boxer. I fancy Brook to come into the fight after rounds 5 to 6 and stop him in 10 to 12.”

Sam Eggington: “With all the weight limits put in for the fight from weighing in at 149lbs I’m edging towards Khan.”

Linus Udofia: “Amir Khan late stoppage. I think his speed will hurt Brook and Ingle pulls him out.”

Paul Butler: “I’m going to go with Khan inside 6. For me he just seems a little fresher. I think Kell may struggle to get to grips with the speed early on and Khan will capitalise, and the weight won’t help Kell.”

Sean McComb: “I think Brook wins by KO. I think you lose speed before you lose power. And Kell Brook will still have that power.”

Lerrone Richards: “It’s a 50-50. Going Khan early between rounds 1 to 4 or Brook late. I think Khan’s speed can trouble Brook early on, but Brook’s physical strength could catch up with Khan.

Nathan Gorman: “I think Khan has the skills to box him and probably get the nod on points. I can also see Brook catching him.”

River Wilson-Bent: “I think Amir will win and maybe get a late stoppage. Khan’s hand speed will be too much for Brook.”

Kane Baker: “Khan in four rounds or a draw.”


Khan – 48 picks

Brook – 46 picks

Undecided – 7 picks

Draw – 1 pick