Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde live stream updates

Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde: Live stream updates and results

Artur Beterbiev defends his unified light heavyweight titles against Anthony Yarde in London, marking the second time the British fighter has stepped up for a world title challenge as an underdog.

With 40 knockouts between them and Beterbiev’s fights never seeing the final bell, this is a don’t blink-style contest on BT Sport and ESPN+.

Keep up with the event via Boxing Social’s live coverage including undercard results, behind the scenes content, highlights and round-by-round updates of the main event.

Beterbiev wants Bivol for undisputed

Arthur Beterbiev appears to only have one man on his mind!

Beterbiev vs Yarde fight report

What a night here in London!

Anthony Yarde gave absolutely everything tonight but it just wasn’t enough to end the reign of Artur Beterbiev.

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Beterbiev was down on two of the judges scorecards

Just proving how close the fight was, two of the official scorecards had Yarde up on going into the 8th round.

What a fight!

We’ve just witnessed a classic between Beterbiev and Yarde. Here’s the moment Beterbiev gets the win.

Watch the moment Beterbiev stops Yarde

After a light heavyweight classic fight, Beterbiev got the stoppage when Yarde’s corner called an end to proceedings.

Moment Beteriev retains his belts

After an incredible performance from both men, here is the moment Beterbiev got his hand raised.

Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 8 BETERBIEV STOPPAGE

Beterbiev’s jab takes over again and it looks like Yarde’s shots might have lost some of their pop.

Yarde is caught and down by a great right hand. He looks to his corner and it could be all over here.

Tunde Ajayi stops it from Yarde’s corner. Yarde was hurt, and with a man like Beterbiev bearing down on you, somebody saving you may just be best.

Artur Beterbiev wins, round 8.

Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 7

Yarde’s conditioning really is impressive here, especially given some of the shots he’s taken. Beterbiev’s too, but we knew that.

Yarde leaps in and lands a left and then a right. If he’s not putting the champion down, he is draining him methodically.

Beterbiev is starting to look the more damaged man here. They trade to end the round, with the momentum switching as quick as the punches land. A classic, punishing round.

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Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 6

Beterbiev gets his man straight into the corner. A gash under Yarde’s right eye starts to bleed. This is a war. Both seem a little slower at the halfway mark.

Yarde lands two good right hands in a row with just over a minute to go, but Beterbiev’s jab still finds a home. Beterbiev is cut now too. They trade in the middle of the ring to end the round – everything is thrown with serious intent to harm. Close round as both feel the pace of a thrilling contest.

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Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 5

Yarde’s gum shield out again. Beterbiev skips in the corner as he waits.

Both are landing here and Yarde still has the power to hurt the champion, but his defence is starting to lack and it’s turning into a show of pure bravery. The jab from Beterbiev is lethal, and Yarde’s eye is close to closing.

Big left hook from Yarde into the final minute and Beterbiev holds on. The crowd are on their feet. Is he dazed? It looks like it. Unbelievable effort from the Brit here, but he’s hurt in the last 10 seconds and almost goes down. Cracking fight.

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Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 4

Big shot to start the round off that wobbles Yarde. Beterbiev landing at will and Yarde is really struggling here but fighting back valiantly.ย His guard is useless against the champion’s pinpoint accuracy.

Things slow down halfway through the round. Beterbiev is in control until Yarde fires through with two big shots. Beterbiev catches him straight back and how nobody has touched the canvas yet is quite incredible. Yarde’s face beginning to swell.

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Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 3

Beterbiev really is taking one to land one – not many people would do that with Anthony Yarde. Yarde’s gum shield comes out thirty seconds in and the action is paused briefly.

Yarde is expending a lot of energy here – it’s paying off for him now, but how long can he keep it up? Beterbiev not wasting any opportunity but still getting caught on the way in. Close fight so far.

Beterbiev lands a big looping hook on the bell that drew a look from Yarde. He’ll take every one of these 60 seconds now.

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Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 2

Beterbiev looks slightly marked under the left eye, likely from a Yarde hook – a shot that he’s continued to land into the second.

Things really start to heat up halfway through and Yarde must get off the ropes. He does and lands a nice uppercut. Beterbiev growing into this though. The challenger lands some good shots, but the champion’s power looks dangerous. Fantastic fight so far.

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Beterbiev vs Yarde: Round 1

Both fighters come out fidgety with Beterbiev not scared to close the distance. It may work in Yarde’s favour, who lands with a couple early. A good start from the challenger, but he’ll need plenty more of that to deter the champion. Beterbiev lands something of significance with a few seconds to go.

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It's time for Beterbiev vs Yarde

The main event is up now – don’t blink!

Beterbiev vs Yarde predictions

We’re just moments away from the main event of the evening.

Can Anthony Yarde do the unthinkable and become light heavyweight champion of the world by beating the Russian KO artist, Artur Beterbiev.

Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde live stream updates

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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury face off!

Wow! Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have to be separated by security at their first face off for their fight in Saudi Arabia on February 26.

Next Up: Beterbiev vs Yarde

Here we go!

The main even is next. Can Anthony Yarde cause the biggest of upsets and defeat Artur Beterbiev.

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Watch Moses Itauma finish Marcel Bode

Moses Itauma makes the dream start to his professional journey… this boy is one to watch!

Moses Itauma beats Marcel Bode in 23 seconds!

Well as far as professional debuts go they don’t much better than Moses Itauma’s destruction of Marcel Bode in just 23 seconds!

The power is clearly there for all to see, the punch that ended the fight didn’t even catch Bode clean, but was still enough to end the fight with the referee calling a stop to proceedings after just 23 seconds.

Next up: Moses Itauma vs Marcel Bode

One of Britain’s biggest prospects makes his professional debut as Moses Itauma takes on Marcel Bode.

moses itauma

The 18 year-old… yes, 18 year old, has lofty ambitions, aiming to capture the heavyweight title younger than Mike Tyson.

Jake Paul is in the house! Will we see a Tommy Fury face off?

Jake Paul has arrived at Wembley arena, are we going to see him face off with Tommy fury ahead of their February 26th fight in Saudi Arabia.

Tommy Fletcher beats Darryl Sharp by decision

Tommy Fletcher gets his fourth victory – the first that’s required the judge – over Darryl Sharp in the cruiserweight ranks. Official score: 62-54. Sharp has been handed his 97th loss.

Next up: Tommy Fletcher vs Darryl Sharp

Exciting cruiserweight prospect, Tommy Fletcher (3-0) has had the perfect start with three knockouts since his debut in July and a knockout of the year contender in his last fight against Jiri Krejcl.

The 21-year-oldโ€™s power will be truly tested on Saturday night as he takes on a famously durable opponent in Darryl Sharp (7-96-1).

Sharp has suffered just three knockout defeats in his ninety-six losses and has seemingly faced all British prospects between the middleweight and cruiserweight divisions, with Liam Williams being one of the three fighters to have knocked him out thus far.

Yarde vs Beterbiev: Could it be a night of upsets?

Could Karol Itaum’s shock defeat to Argentina’s Maderna set the tone of the big fights this evening?

Yarde defeating Beterbiev would be a far bigger upset that would send shockwaves through boxing.

Artur Beterbiev and Anthony Yarde

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HUGE UPSET! Karol Itauma stopped by Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna

Karol Itauma tastes his fist career defeat at the hands of Argentina’s Maderna, who delivers a sharp right hand in the fifth causing the Brit to miss the count. The warning signs were there, and Itauma couldn’t afford to keep taking them all night.

Maderna walks away with the WBC International Light Heavyweight title in a big shock victory.

Bob Arum expecting fireworks

Beterbiev promoter, Bob Arum, expects an exciting fight from ‘tough customer’ Yarde against ‘the beast’.

Anthony Yarde is in the building!

Anthony Yarde is looking to defy the odds by beating Artur Beterbiev and become light-heavyweight champion of the world!

Next up: Karol Itauma faces Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna

Karol Itauma (9-0) challenges for the vacant WBC International Light-Heavyweight title against Argentinaโ€™s Ezequiel Osvaldo Maderna (28-10).

Maderna once fought the headliner of the event, Beterbiev and went the distance with former IBF title challenger, Jose Uzcategui.

Despite a rรฉsumรฉ containing such big names, Maderna has lost four of his last five fights and Itauma will be expecting to add to his seven career knockouts, climb the WBC rankings, and take home the belt.

Artem Dalakian outpoints David Jimenez to retain title

Artem Dalakian beat David Jimenez via unanimous decision in a competitive contest to retain his WBA Flyweight title. The Ukrainian may now move towards a unification bout with Britain’s Sunny Edwards.

Jake Paul makes his main event prediction: 'He's perfect!'

Jake Paul knows that Yarde has the power to win the belts by knockout tonight, but he can’t look past Beterbiev and his perfect record.

Joe Joyce is backing Yarde

WBO Interim Heavyweight Champion, Joe Joyce, has sent a message of support for his Queensberry stablemate.

Tommy Fury's prediction for Beterbiev-Yarde

Tommy Fury wasn’t happy with Anthony Yarde’s latest prediction, so he’s siding with Beterbiev…

Artem Dalakian faces David Jimenez next

Next up is Artem Dalakian (21-0) defending his WBA Flyweight Title against Costa Ricaโ€™s David Jimenez (12-0).

The challenger secured a career best win in his last fight, defeating Ricardo Sandoval by majority decision on the Garcia-Fortuna card.

Jimenez will fancy his chances in what appears to be a 50/50 fight on paper against an inactive champion in Dalakian, with the Ukrainian fighting just once in almost three years.

This will be Dalakianโ€™s sixth defence of his world title, since winning the belt in 2018, but just his second fight and first title defence outside of his native country.

Khalid Ali stoppage

Ali forced his opponent to retire on the stool after just one round.

Khalid Ali stops Ivica Gogosevic in round one

Khalid Ali moves to 5-0 with his third knockout victory over Croatia’s Ivica Gogosevic.

Sean Noakes gets a stoppage victory over Santiago Garces

Sean Noakes moves to 4-0 in the welterweight division, picking up the second stoppage of his professional career.

Tyson Fury meets Jake Paul

Jake Paul has flown in for the fight tonight, and to meet his February 25, Tommy Fury. Well, first off was his big brother – the heavyweight champion of the world.

Fury said that whoever loses the fight between Tommy and Jake ‘is pretty much f***ed.’

Charles Frankham beats Joshua Ocampo

The first Frankham brother to feature on tonight’s card wins by decision, moving his professional campaign to 7-0.

Masood Abdullah beats Lesther Lara

Masood Abdullah moves to 8-0

Dmitry Bivol makes his prediction

The other man holding a belt at light-heavyweight is Dmitry Bivol. The Russian thinks it’s a good fight but ultimately Beterbiev will be the one getting his hand raised.

Could we see an undisputed champion crowned in 2023?

โ€œIt is a good fight, Yarde looks strong but of course Beterbiev has much more experience than Yarde. Amateur experience, he is good in professional, he is strong too. It is an interesting fight but Beterbiev has more experience and more skills.โ€

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Tyson Fury is attendance

The WBC heavyweight champion is sitting ringside with his family to show support for his Queensberry stablemates.

Beterbiev vs Yarde promo: It's time to hunt!

If you weren’t already pumped for the main event you will be after watching this!

Ricky Hatton predicts a Beterbiev win

‘The Hitman’ is rooting for the Brit but like most can’t see past Beterbiev.

โ€œAs a British fight fan Iโ€™m very proud of the job Anthony did. He lost to Lyndon Arthur, come back, avenged it, showed heโ€™s world class against Kovalev. Heโ€™s come back stronger and heโ€™s improved in every department.

18 fights, 18 wins knockout. Very explosive puncher. Weโ€™re talking pound for pound arenโ€™t we? Real elite.

Heโ€™s a right powerhouse punching machine โ€“ and even though Anthony looks muscular, from a size point of view thereโ€™s not much in it is there?โ€

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Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde live updates

Welcome to Boxing Socialโ€™s live coverage of Artur Beterbiev versus Anthony Yarde from London.

With 40 knockouts between then and Beterbiev’s fights never seeing the final bell, this is sure to be a don’t blink-style contest.

Boxing Social has you covered for all the action as it happens.