Jake Paul and Tommy Fury face off

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury: Live stream updates, results and watchalong

Join Boxing Social reporter Charlie Parsons along with heavyweight prospect Johnny Fisher, his father Big John Fisher, and Elle Brooke in Brentwood, Essex to watch tonight’s main event – Jake Paul versus Tommy Fury – live from 8pm GMT.

Paul faces Fury in an eight-round 185lb catchweight contest for ultimate bragging rights and a trophy belt that will see the winner enter the WBC’s cruiserweight rankings.

It may not be elite-level boxing, but it’s top-drawer intrigue, and Boxing Social will be providing live updates and behind the scenes action from the event here.

Jake Paul humble in defeat

Looks like Jake Paul wants to run it back.

Respect shown by both men

A lot of trash talk in the build up but plenty of respect after the final bell.

The moment the scores were announced

Here’s the moment that the scores were announced and Tommy Fury could celebrate beating Jake Paul.

Tommy Fury beats Jake Paul by split decision!

Tommy Fury beats Jake Paul by 76-73, 76-73, 74-75

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 8

Paul lands solidly to start but then wings in and misses. Jake Paul gets the knockdown! Looked off balance but he definitely touched down. Both men now rushing in as Jake Paul scores a last round knockdown for the second fight in a row. Fury fires back and Paul feels it, but he’s on his feet which is the most important. The American’s holding now. Fury swarms him, not hurt from the knockdown but determined to get the point back. Paul holds on. Both are looking for a huge shot in the last thirty seconds. The fight ends in a tangle.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 7

Fury lands more jabs as Paul’s head goes down when he throws – a bad habit that’s being exposed. He gets in close to the American and puts it on him, nothing landing clean but getting the better of the exchange. Fury tying up well when Paul gets close – a good use of his reach. Very sloppy now that both men start to tire, but Fury keeps a little more composure. He’s cut on the left eye – shouldn’t be a problem for the final round.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 6

Three rounds to go and Jake Paul must go all out. He has more success when he’s not searching for that huge, fight-ender – but does he know how to do that? Fury lands well and follows up with the jab. immediately. A little blood from Fury’s mouth or nose now. The tempo has slowed, which might play into Paul’s hands. Good shot around the back of the ear from Fury. They trade jabs. The referee ridiculously takes a point off him for holding, though. Fury finishes more impressively.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 5

Fury shows good head movement to make Paul miss. They hold a few times in the first minute. Paul lands a big left hand again but Fury fires back with the straight right and follows with an uppercut. The American showing he can still land, but Fury’s taking it well. The referee takes a point from Jake Paul for a shot around the back of the head. Harsh. He pops the head of Fury back with a nice shot and Fury looks a little unsteady for a second or two. The rounds may be taking their toll now, this being his first eight-rounder. Fury lands a good right hand at the end. Both feeling the pace now.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 4

Fury lands a good flurry at the start of the fourth and follows it up with another. A good response to likely losing the last round. A good short right hand and Paul really needs to do more here. If Fury keeps playing it like this, it’s his to lose. Paul – red around the face – nowhere near busy enough. He lands a good left hand – probably the cleanest of the fight so far – as Fury tries to get out of the pocket. Fury takes it okay. Fury rabbit punches at the end of the round.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 3

Both men still bouncy in the third but the tempo will take its toll soon. Jake Paul lands a good shot and follows up to the body. Fury gets back to the jab and continues to evade the big overhand. It’s clear Paul only has a knockout on his mind, although he’s started to adapt and has his best round because of it. Fury lands a good uppercut in the closing stages due to Paul ducking low.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 2

Paul’s started faster here but Fury lands the jab again and it really does seem to be the difference. Paul lands to the body but Fury fires back quickly with two shots that are just as good. Fury’s footwork much better here. The overhand right may be getting closer to landing for Paul, but it gives Fury a chance to land clean. Fury slightly marked on his left eye.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury - Round 1

Fury starts fast and Paul holds immediately. Once broken up, Paul looks for the jab to the body. Holding again. There’s no judging of distance and they ended up clashing. Good jabs from Fury, a wild overhand from Paul. Fury catches Paul as he leans down, but not quite flush. The American’s plan is clear – one big shot. Fury’s hands very low but a clear round for him with a flurry at the end.

Carl Froch ready for Jake Paul

‘The Cobra’ is part of the BT Sport commentary team this evening and has made it clear he’s ready for the Jake Paul fight.

โ€œIโ€™m ready. Listen he speaks well to get the headlines but the reality is that Jake Paul wouldnโ€™t step in the ring with someone like me. He has a job to do against Fury first but If heโ€™s serious about it, get the contract over to me and we can take it from there.โ€

Read the full article here on Boxing Social.

Next up: Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Billed as ‘The Truth’, it’s time for the talking to stop and the for the feud to be settled in the ring.

If you weren’t already hyped for the fight, just watch this promo.

The moment Badou Jack gets the victory

What a final round where Badou Jack gets the stoppage.

Badou Jack becomes three-weight world champion

Badou Jack put in a good, consistent performance to dethrone Ilunga Makabu who wouldn’t give up the belt without a fight. He becomes a three-weight world champion at the age of 39.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 12 - Badou Jack Wins Via TKO

The champion is told in the corner he needs a knockdown or knockout to keep his belt. Does he have the energy to do it? He comes out throwing, but is visibly slowed now, and the quicker hands of Jack can land at woll. Huge shot for Jack that wobbles Makabu and Jack swarms him to force the referee to stop it!! AND THE NEW! Some great left hooks from Jack finished the show.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 11 - Knockdown

Jack drops Makabu for the second time in the first thirty seconds and Makabu must survive now. That one was less of a balance-issue, too. Jack swarming him now as he sense a stoppage. He hurts him to the body and keeps the pressure on, Makabu is slumping slightly and it’s here for Jack to win if he has the energy to do it. Jack is, incredibly, light on his feet again. He lands another great right to the body. There’s a TKO finish waiting for him in the 12th if he can find the will to take it.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 10

Jack too keen to stand and trade in the centre of the ring after his success has come from movement. But… it’s paid off for him now, as he slows Makabu down with a few right hands. The champion comes back swarming and lands a combination of his own. Jack scores a great dig to the body in amongst Makabu’s latest attack. Big left uppercut from him, too. He ups the tempo and has Makabu on the ropes. A good round of boxing, likely going Jack’s way.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 9

Jack’s ability to get his head off the line is frustrating a plodding Makabu, and he’s happy to fire a quick counter or two once he’s dodged what’s coming at him. The champion does land though, and he’s had good success with the jab in this round. Badou Jack’s work continues to be more eye-catching though, and he has his opponent’s face bloodied now. The final minute is a trade off which Makabu comes out on top of, and a stoppage isn’t out of the question yet. Jack looks to finally be slowing.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 8

Makabu keeps plodding forward looking for a big shot to avoid the scorecards, but Jack’s movement is still there, if a little slower. It’s when he lets his punches go that Jack can fire back, and he does it with a minute left to go to switch the momentum back in his favour. A big trading round in the centre of the ring, with Makabu landing the cleaner work towards the bell.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 7

Jack lands a great straight right hand in the first thirty seconds and follows up to the body. He’s by far the busier man in the early stages of the seventh, and gets Makabu on the ropes to land a few more. Makabu finds a home for the uppercut again, but Jack is yet to look hurt. Jack’s head movement allows him to avoid some, but it’s a dangerous game against a puncher. He finishes the round off with a good combination and big right hand against a static Makabu.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 6

One of the faster starts from Makabu, who needs to start showing the judges something against a still mobile and energised Jack. The champ works the body in an attempt to slow the challenger down – it may pay off later but Jack is still on his toes at the halfway stage. Jack lands a good right before Makabu scores the uppercut followed by straight right. He’s jabbing more this round, and it may have won him the round on the cards.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 5

Makabu starts fast as if to prove he’s not hurt, but Jack knows now he has the timing to fell the champ. He’s the more confident now, and he’s throwing jabs and hooks with real intent. Makabu misses with a wide hook to the body, but lands a few uppercuts before Jack fires back with a short, sharp right hand. A close round that likely swings Jack’s way.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 4 - Knockdown

If Makabu was showing some ring rust in the early stages, he’s settled now. But Badou Jack comes in with a right hand as he throws and drops him! Makabu was off balance and does a backwards roll before he gets back up. Hard to tell how hurt he is, but a big 10-8 round for Jack.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 3

Jack is circling around Makabu and taking his chances when they appear, always leading with that jab. He clearly respects the power of the champion, and Makabu has upped his pace now to land some eye-catchers, always searching for an uppercut but yet to find a proper home for it.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 2

The champion starts to find his range from the southpaw stance, but Jack’s jab is landing and he’s noticeably faster on his feet. Plenty of feints from Makabu, but nothing of note follows until the final ten seconds when he lets his hands go and finds success.

Ilunga Makabu vs Badou Jack - Round 1

Makabu looks dialled in as the pair meet in the centre of the ring to feint and measure distance, but it’s Jack who lands the first punch of note, and then another couple. The smarter work from the challenger in a tentative three minutes.

Mike Tyson accompanies Badou Jack on his ring walk

‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ is siding with the challenger in the co-main – walking Badou Jack ‘The Ripper’ to the ring ahead of his challenge for Ilunga Makabu’s world cruiserweight title.

Up next Ilunga Makabu defends his WBC Cruisweight World title against Badou Jack

Makabu (29-2, 25 KOs) will look to retain his title with the power he’s known for against Jack (27-3-3, 16 KOs), who’s looking to become a three-weight world champion. This one is not to be missed!

Cristiano Ronaldo in attendance

Lots of big names are showing up tonight, but perhaps none bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ziyad Almaayouf vs Ronnald Martinez โ€“ Almaayouf UD

The Buddy McGirt trained Ziyad Almaayouf was stunned in the first when he tried to please him home fans. Martinez met him with a right hand coming in and he dropped to the canvas. He made the count, though, and then managed to hurt Martinez on the bell.

The fast-paced action continued, with Almaayouf beginning to take over as time went by, although he was being hit more than he’d like. He clawed the points back across the four round distance and managed a unanimous decision, all scored 38-37. The local boy moves to 2-0.

Open scoring and VAR is in use tonight

The main event between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will have open scoring and VAR in operation tonight.

Not sure what that all means? No worries, read our article which explains it all.

Jake Paul is in the house

‘The Problem Child’ has made his way into the venue (well we think he has).

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder come face to face

‘The Gypsy King’ and ‘The Bronze Bomber’ meet for the first time since their trilogy fight.

Muhsin Cason vs. Taryel Jafarov โ€“ Cason RTD Round 1

Muhsin Cason dropped Taryel Jafarov in the first round of their cruiserweight contest. Azerbaijan’s Jafarov made the count and fought on, but his corner refused to let him come out for the second. A relentless Cason moves to 11-0 in the second first round finish of the night.

Deontay Wilder is in the building for Paul-Fury

‘The Bronze Bomber’ – former heavyweight world champion – has entered the arena to watch the action. Sitting not far away is the man who dethroned him, Tyson Fury.

Bader Samreen vs. Viorel Simion โ€“ Samreen TKO Round 1

Bader Samreen scored the seventh knockout of his eight fight lightweight career over Romania’s Viorel Simeon with a flurry of shots that knocked his opponent down in the first and ultimately saw him unfit to continue.

Carl Froch has his say on the night ahead

Carl Froch has been involved in a heated back and forth with Jake Paul over the last week, with the Brit threatening to send the American ‘into orbit’ if they ever did meet in the ring.

‘The Cobra’ is part of the BT Sport commentary team for tonights proceedings and gave his thoughts just moments ago.

Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury arrive for fight night

There’s heavyweight royalty in the arena!

David Haye is expecting an upset

David Haye is made his prediction ahead of the main event.

David Haye and Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Read David Haye’s Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury prediction on Boxing Social.

Who is Mike Tyson picking in Paul-Fury?

The heavyweight legend known as ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ has made his fight prediction to Boxing Social…

โ€œIโ€™ve never seen Fury fight, I donโ€™t think heโ€™ll be able to beat Jake Paul. Jake paul is getting better and better as he fights and I donโ€™t know if they brought him over here to lose โ€“ weโ€™re going to find out.

Somebody is getting knocked out, somebody is going down. Someoneโ€™s 0 has got to go.โ€

Prediction: Jake Paul

Official Ring Walk Time For For Paul-Fury

BT Sport have provided the ring walk time for tonight’s main event, provided the rest of the card goes as planned.

Carl Frampton Predicts Paul vs Fury

Former world champion turned pundit, Carl Frampton, is siding with the American to get the win in this one…

โ€œI think Jake Paul wins the fight. Iโ€™m not trying to do Tommy Fury a disservice or dig the kid out, but heโ€™s at a similar level to Jake Paul.โ€

โ€œWhat I like about Jake Paul is that he looks like he trains hard, he looks like heโ€™s got the right time round him and he lives the life by all accounts.โ€

Prediction: Jake Paul

Drake Posts Massive Bet On Paul vs Fury

Drizzy Drake has laid down $400,000 on Jake Paul to beat Tommy Fury by knockout. The confidence might give Paul a boost, but there are rumours of a ‘Drake curse’ that has felled the likes of Conor McGregor in the past… If it comes through, he’s set to win $1,440,000.

Michael Buffer Reveals Ring Size For Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Legendary ring announced spoke to Boxing Social before his duties in the main event – and he believes that a smaller ring size in Saudi may benefit Tommy Fury…

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury full undercard and running order

If you’re tuning in from the very start on BT Sport Box Office or ESPN+, read everything you need to know about the undercard, including the WBC Cruiserweight Title bout between champion, Ilunga Makabu and challenger, Badou Jack.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury face off

Read the full undercard preview and running order on Boxing Social.

Welcome to Boxing Social's Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury live updates

Welcome to Boxing Social’s live coverage of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury. We’ll be bringing you all of the action and reactions direct from Saudi Arabia.