Former world champion and Olympic medallist Amir Khan has been attacked in his hometown.

Road rage ensued in Bolton when Khan apparently cut off another vehicle in traffic in his Range Rover that eventually got hit. A little fender bender then turned into a serious situation when a group of men started chasing Khan.

According to, the group of men got out from their car and physically attacked Khan. One of the attackers punched Khan during the incident that happened around 9:15 PM last Friday. Police arrived at the scene shortly after ‘King Khan’ called for their help.

Reports say that the situation was caused by Khan’s wrong turn but apparently no arrests have been made.

There something about Amir Khan and unpleasant car related incidents.

A gang of six tried to steal Khan’s car back in 2012 after following him and his brother from a nightclub. Luckily, Khan and his brother managed to fight fire with pro boxer fire and robbers fled the scene.

There’s also the notorious speeding incident that happened in July 2016. The police caught Khan speeding twice during the same night but the boxer claimed that he was trying to get away from a crazy fan.