Former world champion Amir Khan is treating Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Conor McGregor with a very open mind. He believes the fight will ultimately do good for both sports and especially for boxing since MMA has gained popularity within the mainstream sports audience.

“It’s one of them fights that’s really not for the boxing fan. I look at it as MMA versus boxing. At the moment MMA is surpassing boxing. Whoever wins this fight, it’s not just the fighter that’s going to get promoted but the sport is going to get promoted,” told Khan in a recent interview with 

Khan says that boxing will ultimately benefit from this but it needs a Mayweather win. Should Floyd lose, MMA will become even more popular.

“If McGregor wins, MMA is going to go through the roof. I think boxing needs this because it’s going to engage more fans in boxing. We need that because at the moment boxing is not doing that well,” said Khan.

Khan himself is staying in shape and preparing for his next fight which will happen later this year according to him. So far there hasn’t been any talk of an official opponent, even though Khan did talk to Oscar De La Hoya and Lucas Matthysse’s name was mentioned.