Anthony Joshua Stops Carlos Takam In The 10th

After ten rounds, Anthony Joshua retained his titles against a tough and gritty Carlos Takam with a tenth round technical knockout victory.

Joshua started off working behind his jab landing accurately constantly forcing Takam backwards. Joshua was looking to land big power shots and kept measuring Takam for the right hand.

The champion was landing in the second and connected with his strong shots. Joshua’s right hand was finding his home and the left hook as well. Takam fought back with wild shots but the challenger was missing. A headbutt early in the round by Takam supposedly broke Joshua’s nose and that upset the heavyweight king as he started to fight with aggression.

Things cooled down a bit in the third. Both fighters landed good shots but it was Joshua in control and connecting more. After an uppercut by Joshua, Takam invited the champion to attack but the bell rung and both fighters returned to their corners.

Joshua landed combinations and good uppercuts followed by strong hooks. Takam was badly cut by a left hook and Joshua was landing at will. With 15 seconds to go, Joshua got a knockdown but Takam beat the count.

The champion started teeing off in the fifth but Takam answered with hooks of his own. The challenger showed resiliency and stayed in the pocket and survived the onslaught by Joshua.

Takam was taking Joshua’s best punches but he was wobbling. Takam also started to work on Joshua’s body but taking punishment on the side. Another clear round for the champion.

The challenger started strong in the seventh and both exchanged strong shots in the middle of the ring. Halfway into the round Takam’s left eye was cut as well but kept fighting back and landing. With seconds to go, Joshua landed a solid right hand but Takam was not showing any quit.

Joshua’s combinations landed in the eight and Takam kept taking a beating. The challenger showed heart and determination but he was getting badly outstruck.

In the ninth round, Joshua was clearly breathing heavy and Takam was still fighting back, landing solid hooks. In round ten, Takam landed a lot of good shots in the opening minute. But out of nowhere Joshua clipped Takam with a strong uppercut and kept hitting with strong shots until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

Joshua now has 20 wins all coming via stoppage.

“Takam it was a pleasure. I come to fight. As you can see it was a good until the ref stopped. I have the utmost respect for Takam for putting on a show,” said Joshua after the fight.