Antony Joshua wants to fight on Mayweather’s undercard?

Are they trying to join forces?

Floyd Mayweather and Anthony Joshua met in London this past weekend. The two took pictures together and posted videos online but that’s not all. Joshua said he wants to fight on the undercard of Mayweather-McGregor – should the mega fight happen.

“Get me on the undercard! That’s legendary s##t. That fight will go down in history,” said Joshua to Mayweather.

Though let’s be real here. Joshua’s tone wasn’t too serious and the two had a laugh about it. In reality the chances of Joshua fighting on the undercard are very slim. Especially with the Klitschko-rematch looming in the air.

It was informed last week that Conor McGregor has signed the contract to fight ‘Money’. Meanwhile Mayweather is still taking his time to announce his official participation. The 40-year old fighter has told the media that McGregor is the only opponent who can drag him out from retirement for one last fight.

“McGregor is the only fight I will come back for,’ he said ‘That’s 100 per cent. It’s the only fight that makes sense to me ‘I’ve accomplished everything else. Is this one extra obstacle to overcome?”

It is rumored that Mayweather will make his official announcement this week.