Tyson Fury will never face Deontay Wilder again despite the Bronze Bomber’s attempts to resurrect their previously contracted trilogy fight through mediation.

According to Fury’s co-promoter Bob Arum, the ‘Gypsy King’ will refuse to accommodate Wilder due to the American’s long list of frankly absurd excuses for his seventh round beatdown in February 2020 including a heavy costume during his ring walk, glove tampering and even spiked water.

With the mega-fight between WBC king Fury and WBA Super, WBO and IBF title-holder Anthony Joshua seemingly inching closer to reality in May or June 2021, Arum has reassured the boxing public that Wilder will not derail the heavyweight showdown the fight game craves.

“There’s no mediation [currently]. I mean, there has been over Christmas, and New Year, there was mediation,” Arum told Barbershop Conversations on YouTube.

“I don’t know, maybe the mediator will be able to solve the situation, but we got a real problem because Tyson Fury has said to me and the mediator, ‘Not today, not tomorrow, and not ever’ will he ever fight Wilder after what Wilder said to him.

“He regards it not only as a slur against him but against the Gypsy Nation.”

After their controversial draw in 2018 and Fury’s dominant win last year, the duo were contracted to fight a third time in the latter stages of 2020. But after Wilder struggled with injury and a December date became logistically impossible due to the impact of Covid-19, the Fury side maintain that contract has expired and the ‘Gypsy King’ is now free to pursue the Joshua showdown. Wilder disputes this stance and has sought a legal recourse.