Bellew Explains Why Ward Instead Of Haye-Rematch, Promises To ‘Man Handle’ S.O.G

The hype about Tony Bellew going against Andre Ward is heating up.

The the two teams are in talks and Bellew has started throwing snappy verbal jabs towards the American.

“There’s still a fair way to go. The teams are talking. He’s a very nice guy but do I agree with all of his views? No, I don’t. I dwarf him. So does that make him a super dwarf? Super dwarfs shouldn’t play with super giants. He calls himself the pound for pound king of boxing, so if I whoop him, what does that make me?” said Bellew in an interview with IFL.TV.

It was previously rumoured that Bellew would go forward with the rematch against David Haye. But since Ward made the announcement he wants the step up in weight, the second bout against Haye is not the frontrunner anymore for Bellew.

“It is slightly ahead of the Haye-rematch because he [Haye] said the words ‘if you would oblige me Tony, I will do it on your terms at your destination’, his words not mine. I will oblige him. We’ll do it on my terms because let’s be honest I have earned them,” explained Bellew.

It’s the high profiled American pound for pound number one that interests Bellew more. And ‘The Bomber’ believes that Ward won’t be any match for him.

“I’d like to fight the pound for pound king of the world – who wouldn’t? I will man handle that boy. He hasn’t lost since he was thirteen years old. When I get a hold of him, I will make him feel like a thirteen-year-old again. I will deal with him. No problem at all,” promised Bellew.

So far it seems like Bellew’s options are Ward, Haye and Joseph Parker. But with the way the hype is going, it’s safe to assume that the Liverpudlian will try to land a fight against the American above all.