Bellew-Haye 2 Is Still On Despite Injury Rumours Says Hearn and Haye

This past Saturday night rumours started spreading that David Haye had injured himself during training and his fight against Tony Bellew was in jeopardy. According to, Haye’s Achilles had been causing problems again.

Haye initially injured his Achilles during his fight against Bellew back in March. ‘The Hayemaker’ was visibly hurt and could not implement any efficient movement or footwork.

‘The Bomber’ capitalised on the injury and stopped Haye in the 11th round.

However, despite injury rumours the rematch is still happening according to Eddie Hearn and Haye himself.

“I know he [Haye] was training yesterday morning with a corporate day for Park Plaza, training fine. So I was a bit taken aback by it. So I spoke to the team and they said absolutely no problem,” confirmed Hearn in an interview with

Sky Sports, the main broadcasting partner for the fight, had contacted Haye and the former world champion denied all rumours of an injury.

“Then Sky then spoke to David Haye and said – oh we’ve seen this and he said – absolutely not true. I’m 100 per cent ready to go December 17th. It’s on,” told Hearn.

The promoter even contemplated if Haye is putting out rumours himself just to play prefight mind games with Bellew.

“You never know with Haye. He likes to play games. Does he leak that to make Tony Bellew think that he might be out of the fight so that affects his preparation? I know Haye’s fit and I know how seriously he’s taking this fight because he’s not running his mouth like he normally does and that’s because he has to win,” pondered Hearn.

The rematch between Bellew and Haye is just less than five weeks away. Both fighters have kept quiet and the trash talking aspect has been surprisingly absent this time around.

There’s a lot on the line for both fighters, especially for the 38 year old Haye who has said retirement is the only option should he not win against Bellew on December 17th at the O2.

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