Bellew rips into Haye again, despite animosity acknowledges his talent

Let the trash talk commence ahead of December 17th. It has been quieter, this time around but ‘The Bomber’ who hails from Liverpool has attempted to light the fuse as he branded David Haye an ‘egotistical maniac’ while talking exclusively spoke with talkSPORT as we draw ever closer to fight night with just under two months to go.

Bellew opened up on what the relationship is really like with his adversary when the cameras are off, Bellew went on to explain while he is indifferent to his opponent, he feels no ill will towards the former WBA Heavyweight Champion. “Do I detest him? No, not in the slightest. I don’t like him, but hate is too strong a word. I haven’t got enough time in my life to hate anyone, but I don’t think he’s a nice fella”.

However, regardless of his personal feelings Bellew once again focused on boxing and dissected the fighter in front of him “I don’t take anything away from his fighting ability. He’s a brilliant fighter and extremely powerful.”

“It’s a compelling fight and the only difference now is Sideshow Bob takes me seriously. Last time he didn’t, he just thought he had to turn up, put his shorts and gloves on and blast me out in one round.“I think he now understands that I was not a world champion for nothing.” Bellew assumes after their first meeting, he has now earned the respect of Haye as a legitimate threat going into the rematch.
Bellew continued “He’s had his eyes opened. He knows I’m harder to hit than I look, I’m faster than I look and he understands that just because I don’t look aesthetically great on TV, I haven’t got the six-pack or the big muscles, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m not auditioning for Baywatch – I’m having a fight!

On a final note, Bellew unveiled a stern warning directed at his opponent, reaffirming his belief that he will close the book on ‘The Hayemaker’s remarkable career by inflicting another defeat on his resume. “On December 17, David Haye’s illustrious, fantastic, amazing career gets closed once and for all by the fat boy himself – me.”