Benn vows to expose Algieri weaknesses

Rising welterweight star Conor Benn insists he sees holes in the armour of former world champion Chris Algieri ahead of their headline bout tomorrow night in Liverpool, live on DAZN.

New York’s Algieri had previously stated he feels the unbeaten Brit has flaws that can be exploited, but Benn says any mistakes from the 37-year-old will go punished when they square off.

“I know Algieri’s going to come in there to win,” Benn said. “I’ll exploit his mistakes as well because I see holes in his armour. I’m just ready to fight man, I always get like this during fight week, get intense and animated – ready to go. I want to get in there Saturday night and iron someone out.

“Algieri is a better version of all my last opponents, and he beats everything they do in my opinion in terms of boxing IQ, cuteness, knowing his way around the ring. People say he can’t punch but anyone with 8oz gloves can punch. I’m well prepared, I’m not concerned about what he brings to the table because I know what I can do.

“Algieri is going to come, he’s going to throw and try to win, which him and his team believe he can. I’ll exploit holes in his armour, he’s up against a young lion, up against someone who’s on the come up. Every single camp I go in to I give it 100%, I level up every single time and can only beat who you put in front of me, and I will deal with them. Not only do I beat them, but I learn, school’s never out.”