UFC Middleweight Champion Accepts Boxing Match Against Bellew

Earlier this week Tony Bellew said that he would be up for fighting UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping in a cage or in a boxing ring.

β€œIf the money is right, then Tony Bellew would happily enter a cage or a ring. Maybe let’s do one of them each. I’m a Michael Bisping fan, but if the money was right then the fan stuff goes out the window,” said Bellew in an interview with Sky Sports.

The UFC champion has responded and he is a 100 percent ready to take on ‘The Bomber’. But not in a cage.

Bisping is set to fight against Georges St-Pierre at Madison Square Garden on November 4th and then he has to fight interim middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker. After these two fights, he is willing to box against Bellew in a ring most likely.

Bellew is ready to take on Bisping and according to the Liverpudlian, another knockout is on the way.

Tony Bellew has been linked with fights against Andre Ward, Joseph Parker, David Haye, and now Michael Bisping. Which one will he fight next is the biggest question right now.