In the midst of preparing against fighting Errol Spence, the current IBF world welterweight champion Kell Brook hasn’t forgot about this ‘buddy’ Amir Khan. The WBC recently announced that Khan had been removed from their official rankings due to inactivity. On top of that ‘King Khan’ has faced some personal issues as well regarding family and friends.

According to the Daily Star, Brook showed zero mercy for his rival. ‘Special K’ made his stance very clear and said Khan’s situation is ‘comical’ among other things.

“It’s comical. He is Amir Khardashian. He has so much drama around him, he is in the paper all the times for the wrong reasons. It’s all good, it’s funny. I have heard he is a bit skint and has problems with his dad. I am hearing his wife wants a big fancy house,” said Brook.

Brook and Khan have both showed interest in fighting each other but so far the proposed fight hasn’t come to fruition.

“Maybe with these big fights that have been happening lately – Bellew vs Haye, Joshua vs Klitschko, Golovkin vs Canelo – fighters have the bit between their teeth now and want to step up and fight. I am sat here and I get asked questions about him all the time and does my head in. It grinds me. It’s just a fight that I don’t need an alarm on my phone to wake me up for. It would be a really fun fight to build and have,” told ‘Special K’

The Sheffield boxer also laid out a nasty verbal knockout blow at Khan.

“He is a media whore, he wants it. I think he’s after a big-money fight and he knows he would get done in, but he doesn’t mind getting done in for money. I think he wants it. The paying public and the fans want to see it and I just want to give it to them. Will it happen? We have to wait and see.”

Time will tell if Brook and Khan ever step into the same ring. Next week Brook has his hands full with the upcoming title fight against Spence on May 27th in Sheffield.