Since Floyd Mayweather Jr is now officially back in professional boxing, other fighters are taking notice and one of them is Canelo Alvarez.

Obviously, first he needs to take care of business against Gennady Golovkin in September. But after that, he is very open to the idea of fighting Mayweather again.

“There’s a saying, you know, first things first. But yeah, sure, why not? It’s in the back of my mind, that fight. And I would love to erase that [loss],” said Canelo according to

The Mexican fighter was only in his early twenties when he faced one of the greatest boxers ever in Mayweather. Despite the loss, Canelo says the fight against Floyd made him the fighter that he is today.

“I’m more confident now I’m more experienced. That fight motivated me. I think that, more than anything, instead of deterring me, it motivated me to become a better fighter, a more complete fighter.”

In reality, a rematch between Alvarez and Floyd is very unlikely since Mayweather has stated that he is coming out of retirement for McGregor only.