Carl Froch Believes Amir Khan’s Career Is Close To An End

Former super middleweight world champion Carl Froch doubts if Amir Khan can make a successful return to professional boxing.

Khan made countless headlines last week when he posted a series of tweets claiming that his now former wife had an affair with Anthony Joshua. Faryal Makhdoom Khan and Joshua denied everything but Khan claimed it was all true.

Froch implied that Khan’s career is on a downward spiral and he explained why.

“It’s not good is it to be airing your dirty laundry on Twitter, making accusations with no substantiation – that’s not good,” told Froch in an interview with The Daily Star.

The former world champion feels Khan shouldn’t have posted such things on social media without waterproof evidence. With this kind of behavior and allegations, Froch thinks Khan won’t be taken seriously anymore.

“That’s all I’m saying, he’s got no substantiation to what he’s accused Anthony Joshua of. AJ’s just blown it off and said this is nothing to do with me. Until he comes with some hard evidence, he’s going to get laughed out of town, isn’t he?” said Froch.

Khan himself has tweeted that he will start beginning training mid August in San Francisco. Froch believes the ‘King’s’ career is close to an end.

“Yeah I do.”