Charlie Edwards On Lookout For New Trainer

Charlie Edwards hopes to return in a “tough” 10 or 12 fight for an international title in his next fight.

The former WBC flyweight champion, who has moved up the super flyweight division, was speaking in a Queensbury Promotions press release where Edwards revealed that he and his family have moved to Portugal.

Edwards is now on the lookout for a new trainer after leaving behind life in Sheffield at the Steel City gym under the tutelage of Grant Smith. Smith recently trained Charlie’s younger brother Sunny to world success when Mouri Mthalane was relinquished of his IBF flyweight title following an outstanding performance from the challenger.

No date has been set for Charlie’s next fight but the 28-year-old says he will do most of his training in Portugal before spending the final eight weeks of camp in the UK or the USA.

“I have a number of ideas and thoughts in my head, and I am not going to rush. I have a friend who trains coming out here to get me fight fit,” said Edwards.

“I have achieved all that I have set out to achieve on my career bucket list in the UK so I would like to train here [in Portugal], set up my own gym and eight weeks before a fight I may go to America.

“I also have another British coach in mind who I do want to try out in the UK, but I don’t want to go into details yet.”