Former WBC flyweight champion Charlie Edwards has signed a multi-fight promotional deal with Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions.

He joins brother Sunny Edwards in the Queensberry camp and believes it’s only a matter of time before they both challenge for world honours on the same bill.

“I was with Eddie Hearn for six years and I needed to freshen things up,” said Edwards. “I feel this is the next chapter of my career. I have seen what Frank has done for my brother Sunny. He has done very well for him from the start.

“Frank really looks after his fighters as well. I felt I was taken for granted and I am looking forward to getting started with Frank as my promoter. I have chatted to Frank at Sunny’s fights and the timing was right.  My management MTK Global sorted the deal, my adviser thought it was best for me and the offer is great.”

Charlie Edwards joins brother Sunny with Queensberry Promotions.

Edwards (15-1, 6 KOs) will be moving up from flyweight to either bantamweight or super-flyweight where he is ranked No.2 by the WBC in its world rankings.

The 27-year-old vacated his WBC crown after a chaotic no-contest against Mexican bruiser Julio Cesar Martinez back in August 2019. Martinez subsequently won the vacant belt.

Edwards added: “The next fight is likely to be a gauge to see where I’m at regarding my best weight. The main thing is keeping my world ranking at super-flyweight for now. [I’m looking] at the bantamweight champions. I’m not deluded and say,  ‘I’m world level’ at that weight because that would be stupid.

“If I go to bantamweight, I won’t be rushing to get in with world level fighters. It will be building up over a few fights. I have Frank behind me and he is not going to chuck me in at the deep end. It’s going to be building into the world title picture.”

Edwards insists he is more than happy to box on one of the behind closed doors bills that Warren has planned for the coming months. His big hope is to fight on the same bill as his brother Sunny, who also has serious world title aspirations at super-flyweight.

“Just mentioning me and my brother fighting for world titles on the same bill gives a tingle down my spine,” he said. “I did a bucket list some time ago; Sunny and myself fighting on the same show has always been there. That was another thing that made it perfect sense to join Frank because it can happen.

Edwards previously held the WBC flyweight title before vacating.

“We still try to outdo each other when we train. That is the beauty of it. We’re brothers, we have ultimate love and want the best for each other. We want to beat each other whether we’re sparring or on the track. We have progressed because we always push each other.”

Frank Warren added: “I am absolutely delighted that Charlie has joined our team and we will work out a plan for him to become a two-weight world champion. We have often spoken at my shows when Sunny has been boxing. We always got on well and shared a joke.

“The two brothers fighting for world titles on the same show isn’t a pipe-dream. We deliver and it is a realistic prospect.”