While we wait for the biggest Mexican fight of the year between the two baddest amigos in boxing, it is time to witness the greatness that is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Before entering the ring to fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, “JCC” has demonstrated a great number of violent beatings. Here are the top five stoppages by Chavez Junior.

5. Chavez Jr steamrolls LeHoullier

The look on Jason LeHoulliers face said it all. After the first knockdown it was clear who was in charge of the squared circle. After LeHoullier got back to his feet, Chavez Jr mercilessly continued the onslaught and used his opponents head as a breathing bleeding punching bag.

4. Ray Sanchez Drowned in Strikes

The right body shot by Chavez Jr meant the end for Ray Sanchez. Right after the Mexican then lands a big right to head and proceeds to put Sanchez down to his knees with a barrage of various strikes. This is a perfect example of the accuracy and speed of Chavez Jr.

3. Anthony Shuler Gets The One Punch Lunch

Anthony “Showtime” Shuler fought an angry and a very vicious version of Chavez Jr. After the knockdown Shuler got back up in no time, but clearly was still somewhat out of it. Instead of using combinations, Chavez Jr. engaged with single quick power shot strikes one after another and finished Shuler with precision.

2. The Art of the Liver Shot

There is something about a well placed liver shot that will absolutely make you cringe. It is quick, but yet very painful and does not register with the brain immediately. Fighters think they can walk it off, but soon after reality sets in and the body shuts down completely as seen in this clip above. Chavez Jr connects with a perfect liver shot and Tyler Ziolkowski feels the sting right after.

1. No Way Out For Andy Lee


So far this has been the last stoppage win for Chavez Jr. The opponent Andy Lee put up a good fight against the skilled Mexican, but just could not hold him off. Here Chavez Jr shows excellent pressure tactics and chin as well. Lee tries to counter punch his way out to safety, but Chavez Jr. shows no mercy and batters Lee with ruthless aggression.