Chavez Sr’s Brother Killed In Front Of Family – “Maybe Tomorrow It Will Be Me”

It’s a sad day for Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.

According to multiple reports, the Mexican boxing legend’s brother was shot and killed in his own home. The Mexican police say that two men entered Rafael Chavez Gonzalez’s home demanding money and Gonzales did as he was told.

The two men wanted more money but at this point, Gonzalez could not give them more. He then was shot to death in front of his family.

“The increase of murders, uprisings are increasing. Today it was my brother, maybe tomorrow it will be me. I am very outraged. All we know is that they were three boys, one stayed outside, two came in, they asked for the money… at that moment I do not know how much my brother gave them and they wanted to get more out of him and since he didn’t have it – they gave him bullets,” said Chavez Sr according to

Apparently, his brother devoted his life to helping people with addiction problems.

“My brother dedicated to helping people who have problems with alcohol and drugs or any type of addiction. Thanks to my recovery he could also recover, and the saddest thing is that he lost his life for some drug addicts,” told Chavez Sr.

The two men have not been caught yet but the police have clues and the manhunt is now on.

“We have clues and I’m not going to let them know [by telling the media], but it’s all very advanced, thank God, and this is not going to go unpunished.”