Conor Benn Dismisses Kell Brook’s Price Tag For A Fight

A fight between Conor Benn and Kell Brook appears unlikely to ever happen and there may be ten million reasons why.

The number relates to the price Brook wanted paying to take on the emerging British star according to Benn’s promoter Eddie Hearn. 

And Benn told Boxing Social’s Ayman Khan this week that rather than wait on negotiations playing he decided to move forward with his career and face Chris Van Heerden on April 16.

“£10 million, that’s silly,” said Benn 

“Even if you halved that [it’s] more realistic but when you’re talking £10 million it’s like yeah alright, I know you’re looking for that last checkout. But at the end of the day although there were negotiations going on I weren’t going to put my career on hold. We could have waited out to see if we could have negotiated closer and make the Brook fight happen or take April 16 against Van Heerden. I said I ain’t waiting around for nobody.”

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