Conor McGregor continued his mind games towards Floyd Mayweather with his latest stunt.

The Irishman was walking around wearing C.J Watson’s basketball jersey who used to play for the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. Watson is known for being the person who Floyd’s ex, Josie Harris, texted in 2010. After Mayweather found out, he violently assaulted Harris and was later sentenced to jail.

We rocking with Floyd bro not you… take that off bruh @thenotoriousmma

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Apparently, current Warriors player Draymond Green did not get McGregor’s stunt and commented: “We rocking with Floyd bro not you. Take that off.”

Naturally, McGregor countered immediately.

That’s CJ Watson mate. I don’t know who the f*** you are. No disrespect tho kid, keep hustling and stay in school. Now ask yourself why I’m rocking CJ when I don’t know or give a f*** about basketball. I dribble heads off the floor. Not a ball. This is no game here kid,” wrote McGregor.

A lot of people have said that McGregor’s maneuver was in poor taste. But as we all know he doesn’t give a you know what.