Conor McGregor Will Bet 1 Million On Himself To Win

A sign of true confidence?

The UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor will bet a staggering one million euros (£900k) on himself to win his fight against Floyd Mayweather.

“He has told a lot of people to back him if they want to earn some easy money. They will have been reassured by the fact that he says he’s putting one million euros (£900k) on himself to win, that’s how confident he is,” said a source according to The Sun.

They don’t call him ‘Mystic-Mac’ for nothing.

McGregor is known for making accurate predictions for his fights in the UFC. He said many times during the press tour that he will knock out Mayweather inside 4 rounds.

With the fight being less than three weeks away, the anticipation rises as the two biggest combat sports stars step into the same ring on August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada.