Here’s What Happens If Conor Uses MMA Moves Versus Floyd

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor had their first press conference last night and both fighters obviously guaranteed knockout victories. McGregor even went as far as saying that he will stop Floyd inside four rounds.

“Conor McGregor is not coming here for a paycheck, Conor McGregor is coming here to knock Floyd out. He’s gonna get paid, but he’s coming to fight,” said UFC President Dana White after the press conference.

Fans have been speculating for a while about how McGregor could win and also if he’ll use any of his MMA moves. White assures that this will be purely a boxing match under Queensbury rules.

“This is boxing match. He’ll sue for everything he’s got. It would be a big deal. You can’t do that. Can’t throw a head kick or a double leg takedown or any of that stuff.

When asked if McGregor could ‘subconsciously’ start doing MMA moves, he will lose everything according to the UFC President.

“He better subconsciously not. That’s gonna cost him everything he’s got. Floyd Mayweather will sue him,” commented White.