Daniel Dubois Open To Help Klitschko

Daniel Dubois seems to be the talk of the town right now when it comes to upcoming British heavyweights. He’s on a tear, winning all of his four professional fights via vicious KO. He is also being mentioned in the same sentence as Anthony Joshua a lot. Mainly because he dropped the current heavyweight king in sparring. Joshua has neither admitted nor denied this but Dubois has confirmed it.

The young heavyweight is now offering his services to Wladimir Klitschko, who will most likely fight Joshua in Las Vegas on November 11th.

“If Klitschko called us up we’d go and spar with him. To go and get that experience and keep working with top-grade fighters is what it’s all about,” commented Martin Bowers, trainer of Daniel Dubois, to The Sun.

But the trainer also said that should Joshua’s people call first, a training session can be arranged.

“Joshua or Klitschko? whoever phones first, we go,” he said.

Dubois is scheduled to fight AJ Carter next on September 16th at the Copper Box Arena in London. They will fight for the vacant BBBoC Southern Area Heavyweight title.