Daniel Dubois opens up about sparring Joshua

Daniel Dubois has only had three professional boxing fights to his name but people are already mentioning his name in the same breath as Anthony Joshua’s.

This future heavyweight monster known as ‘Dynamite’ is best known for sparring against Joshua and rumour has it he dropped him. Dubois has said very little about his famous sparring session but at least he doesn’t deny getting the best of the current heavyweight kingpin.

“Did I knock Joshua down in sparring? I can’t really say too much about that. It was a good spar, very competitive and a good learning experience for me. At the time I was only 18 and it was full on. He hit me hard and I hit him just as hard back,” said Dubois in an interview with the Daily Mail.

As one would expect, Dubois was a bit nervous before stepping into the same ring with Joshua but eventually calmed down and went to work.

“I was a little bit starstruck and in awe of him but once we got in the ring he was just another opponent with two arms and two legs. I held my own,” told Dubois.

Right now it’s a very distant thought that Dubois would some day face Joshua. Though if the opportunity ever present itself, Dubois is more than willing to take on Joshua in professional bout.

“If the public want to see it, it will happen. I will have to step up quicker, challenge credible opponents with decent names and then yeah the public will call for that fight,” pondered Dubois.

According to Frank Warren in his next bout Dubois will fight for the Southern Area title at the Copper Box in London on July 8th.