Tragedy in Canada as local boxer David Whittom falls into coma after a fight.

The Canadian fighter suffered a brain hemorrhage after his bout against Gary Kopas on Saturday night. The fight was stopped in the 10th round. After the fight Whittom was taken to a hospital for surgery and returned home but later on fell ill. According to he is now in stable condition.

Whittom (12-24-1) is a former opponent of Hughie Fury. The two squared off in Fury’s professional debut fight back in 2013. Fury won the fight in two rounds and Whittom retired after the fight but made a comeback two years later. Before his fight against Kopas, the 38-year old has won just twice in his last 20 bouts.

The Canadian has 12 knockout losses and is known for fighting light heavyweights and heavyweights. It is safe to say that if the journeyman makes it out his coma safe and sound – his professional career as a boxer is finally over.