The back and forth chirping between Gervonta Davis and Liam Walsh has not quite reached the levels of world class trash talk. But slow and steady both fighters are taking little jabs at each other before their clash on Saturday night.

In a recent interview with BoxNation, Walsh said matchup wise he is the better pure boxer with more smarts than Davis.

“I’m the better boxer in this fight, I’m sure of that. I’ve got a better ring IQ,” said Walsh.

Sure enough Davis caught wind of this and responded with fighting words in an interview with

“I don’t know, is he drunk? Saying he has more boxing IQ than me and he’s a better boxer than me? I guess we gotta see May 20th. I might grab a pillow cause Liam Walsh is gonna need it,” told Davis.

The Floyd Mayweather protege has surely enjoyed the company of Mr Money but Davis has also received pivotal advice from Mayweather ahead of the fight.

“Since I’ve been in Vegas, Floyd’s been really hands on with me, it’s an amazing feeling, having him in my corner and working out with. Preparing me for May 20th. I’m going to make smart decisions, don’t always start going for the knockout. Use your IQ in the boxing ring more than anything,” said Davis.

‘Tank’ Davis will put his IBF world super-featherweight title on the line against Walsh at the Copper Box Arena in London on May 20th.