It’s Deontay Wilder’s turn to make an effort to get Anthony Joshua’s attention.

The current WBC heavyweight champion visited ‘At The Fights’ radio show on Sirius XM and attempted to make his mark verbally. Wilder believes a fight between him and Joshua would amass a crowd of 100 000 people and half a billion dollars in revenue. And naturally, Wilder is certain his suggested fight would over power Canelo-GGG.

“Come on, now. Come on. You’re talking about little guys. You know, we’re talking about little guys. We’re talking about guys that can go 12 rounds. Now when you’re talking about the big boys, when you’re talking about the big boys you don’t know if you’re gonna go out in the first round. You don’t know who gonna get knocked out. That’s the thing about the heavyweight division. People come to see knockouts when they come to see these fights,” said Wilder.

The big man from Alabama insists that even though Alvarez and Golovkin will provide an excellent fight, the real main event is him against Joshua.

“It’s OK to see skill and fast, little guys hitting each other and stuff like that. Sometimes you may get the knockout. Sometimes you don’t, you know. These two guarantee with the power, especially Triple-G, but you know styles always make fights. So we don’t know if we’re gonna get a knockout or not. We know it’s gonna be a good fight. It should be at least, with the resumes and the way the guys are shaped and the histories that they’ve done. But the heavyweights, when you get a massive heavyweight, Deontay Wilder, versus an Anthony Joshua, come on,” told Wilder.

The heavyweight division in boxing came alive due to Joshua’s 11th round knockout victory over Wladimir Klitschko. Wilder very well knows that he is part of something that heavyweight boxing has not seen in years.

“We all know that the heavyweight division is the cream of the crop,” Wilder said. “We know this. It’ll always be no matter what [is happening] outside the heavyweight division. No matter what. No disrespect to no fighter. I respect all my fighters, all my fighters that get in the ring and risk their lives, whether it’s for themselves or for their families or whoever. My hat goes [off] in salute. But we know the heavyweight division is the cream of the crop. And right now it’s on fire, and it’s only gonna be even more flames to it. It’s only gonna be more fuel added to this fire. And this is what we need. I can feel it.”