It’s Do Or Die For Amir Khan – “I Need To Win”

Amir Khan has made a lot of headlines lately but for the wrong reasons. His infamous Twitter-rant was untrue after the dust settled and since the disastrous media storm, Khan is now doing his best to focus on boxing.

He has informed that he will be starting a training camp in San Francisco mid-August. Khan is planning to get his career on back track but it won’t be easy. He hasn’t boxed since May 2016 and hasn’t won since 2015.

Speaking exclusively to, Khan explains what his next fight means to him and why it might be his last.

Khan admits that he’d like to fight in a large stadium, such as Macron Stadium, home of the Bolton Wanderers.

“That’d be wicked. I think it’s time to have these stadium fights,” said Khan according to

Despite his numerous scandals and recent troubles, ‘King’ Khan wants to be the people’s champion and is willing to fight for it. He’s been around for a long time but even though he is only 30 years of age, his career seems to be heading towards the end quicker than originally expected.

“Sometimes I think I’m only 30, but some people think I’m 40-years old because of how long of time I have been around. The pressure has always been there, I want to be the people’s champion,” stated Khan.

Khan understands what’s at stake. He needs a win badly and he knows it. It’s no surprise that the Bolton boxer said the following:

“I put pressure on myself, I know I can’t make any mistakes. If I make any more, that’ll be it. The pressure for my next fight is huge because if I lose, that’s it. People will say I’m finished. I need to win. The one thing about me is, pressure makes me train and work harder,” he summarised.