Eddie Hearn Issues A Challenge To Deontay Wilder – “Easy fight bro!”

Deontay Wilder is still without an opponent. There has been talk about the WBC world heavyweight champion’s next opponent but nothing official has come up yet.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has a proposition for Wilder and that’s a fight against Dillian Whyte.

“Deontay Wilder this is your chance. Come to the UK. There is a big fanbase here for you. There is a big market here for you. You can’t beat Whyte? Come on. You are the best, aren’t you? You are the greatest, number one in the division. Easy fight bro,” said Hearn in an interview with IFL TV.

“We want the end of September, early October, WBC world title in London,” he continued.

Hearn then explains why other fighters avoid fighting Whyte.

“I’m telling you, they don’t want that work with Dillian Whyte. He’s a right pain in the ass on social media. He’s a pain in the ass at press conferences because he’ll probably have a roll around with you. And he’s a double pain in the ass in the ring. He’s a tough bastard.”

Before the proposed fight against Wilder, Whyte will apparently fight in August.

“The plan for Dillian Whyte is to box on August 19th on the Crawford card in Omaha. Getting some U.S exposure. Waiting for that big one,” Hearn revealed.

Will Wilder accept Hearn’s challenge?