Eddie Hearn has given the latest update on the Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko rematch in an interview with IFL TV. The Ukrainian still hasn’t said yes and people are starting to wonder what’s happening behind the scenes.

“They[Klitschko’s team] are putting pressure for us come up numbers for the rematch. What it means is, that we have to present the options and financials around those options,” told Hearn.

It seems like Klitschko needs something special in order for him to accept the rematch and that something is not in the UK.

“I think it’s more about where the fight is and what’s the occasion. I think that’s the buzz for Klitschko. An extra million or two million is not a defining factor if he’s going to take the fight. If the deal is right and the setting is right – he will take the fight. If it’s in Cardiff and the money is same as before… been there done that,” explained Hearn.

So what could be big enough to get Klitschko back into the ring? Nigeria? Quite possible but Hearn has another option.

“Vegas has come on strong,” he revealed.

The promoter mentioned that Joshua could bring thousands of Brits with him, especially if Hearn organises a proper viewing party for the fight in Vegas.

“How many brits are we taking to Vegas? 20 000? I think if we said ‘we’re having a party in Vegas, AJ’s Vegas debut’, who wants to get involved? It’s a trip of a lifetime, isn’t it? I think we take 20 000, easy.”

Nonetheless, Hearn is confident that the fight is happening but the delay in Klitschko’s decision comes down to money.

“The decision is, yes we are fighting but we want to look at where it’s going to happen and how much is in it,” he summarised.