Eddie Hearn Updates Haye-Bellew 2 Talks – “It Either Happens In The Next 48-72 Hours.. Or Not At All”

Even though both fighters have verbally agreed to fight and according to David Haye, the terms have been agreed upon, promoter Eddie Hearn reminds us that nothing has been signed yet.

“People keep tweeting me like it’s done, it’s not done. We were close, it fell apart. We are talking but I don’t know is the answer,” said Hearn in an interview with

Hearn even gave an ultimatum of some sorts – if the deal isn’t done in the next couple of days, it’s not happening at all.

“It is dragging on and it’s not a good sign. It either happens in the next 48-72 hours or it doesn’t happen at all and everyone moves on,” he revealed.

So what’s the hold up? Apparently, this has been the hardest fight to make ever for Hearn.

“It’s everything… splits, walk ons, changing rooms, names on the poster, corners, press conferences….it’s a nightmare,” explained the promoter.

But even after all that, the consensus still, among both camps, is that they want to fight. And Hearn explains why.

“Tony Bellew wants to fight David Haye again because he feels he didn’t’ get the credit from the first fight. David Haye feels Tony Bellew only won because of injury. But one thing I’ll tell you if this happens, last time it was ‘oh this is a joke fight,’ now you know this is 50-50 fight this time around,” he said.

Obviously Hearn is backing his fighter to win the fight if it eventually happens.

“I believe he [Tony] will beat him and if we get this over the line, this will be a massive ending to 2017,” he summarised.

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