Speaking to Sky Sports, Chris Eubank Jr has already begun the process of banging the drum ahead of a potential semi-final matchup against George Groves in the World Boxing Super Series. Perhaps this could be mind games from the Eubank team attempting to rile Groves up and take away from his focus going into his match with Cox this Saturday?

Regardless, Eubank Jr fresh from his stunning 3rd round knockout against Anvi Yildrim awaits the winner of the George Groves – Jamie Cox Super Series quarter-final and revealed in greater depth, his interpretation of how their sparring sessions went in their earlier days. “I’ve sparred countless rounds with this man over the years. I have the measure of him. I know how those sparring sessions went. I know the levels that I was at, at those times, which was far beneath what I am now”.
Eubank appears very confident in his chances in a potential semi-final grudge match and demonstrates a firm belief that he has a fairly good handle on what George Groves, the fighter is all about despite the fact he has been ranked as the tournament’s number one seed. Eubank Jr. also proceeded to make the assertion that despite it being the early days of his professional career, he still felt he “dominated 90% of the rounds we boxed”.

Eubank Jr then followed his comments about his sparring history with Groves, by sharing what appears to be extensive knowledge and study of his counterpart “I have always watched George fight on the TV, doing these big things, and fighting in front of 80,000 people, and I’m thinking ‘I can beat this guy.’ It should be me up there, and now it will be.” It will be a tremendous blockbuster of a domestic clash if Groves and Eubank are able to meet at the semi-final stage, but before we get there, there is the small matter of a Jamie Cox sized obstacle in Groves path that he will need to overcome.