Eubank Jr Prepared To Drop To 158lbs For Clash With Brook

Chris Eubank Jr says he will come down to 158lbs and nothing less to fight Kell Brook this year.

The pair have been linked to a fight since last year and the speculation intensified after Eubank Jr was in Manchester to watch Brook beat old enemy Amir Khan last month.

One issue that has surrounded a potential clash between the two has been what weight the bout would be at. Brook, the former IBF welterweight champion, wants Eubank Jr to come down to 155lbs but the Brighton middleweight insists that is not going to happen. And the 32-year-old is prepared to walk away if his request is not agreed to. 

Speaking to Talksport Eubank Jr said, “He walks around heavier than I do. He fought Gennady Golovkin at 160 and got into the ring at 168 on the night.

“When I fight at 160, the maximum I put on is five pounds. He will be bigger than me on the night if we fight at 160.

“People are talking about me coming down to 155, that’s just not going to happen. I’ve never fought at that weight before and I don’t have that much weight to take off.

“He would comfortably make 160. Could I shave off a couple of pounds if I had to? Yes, but one or two maximum. 

“155 is not happening, 158 at a push. If that can’t be agreed on then we’ve got much bigger fish to fry and it’s not the end of the world.”