Eubank Jr: Williams Is A Keyboard Warrior

Chris Eubank Jr has described Liam Williams as a “keyboard warrior” as the days count down to their clash in Cardiff.

The two middleweights have had a long running feud which began on social media with the Williams calling out the Eubank Jr in an attempt to lure him into the ring. On Saturday night, live on Sky Sports, both men will face-off at a critical juncture in their careers.

In an interview with Sky’s Anna Woolhouse Eubank Jr was asked if the bad blood between the pair is real.

“It can’t not be real,” he answered. 

“I mean, it’s real for me. Is it real for him? He had a lot to say on social media over the last couple of years that he wasn’t able to articulate when I stood in front of him at the press conference.

“Maybe he isn’t real, maybe he is a fake. He is a keyboard warrior just like all the other guys. He has a lot to say with his thumbs but when the time comes and he’s in front of the man he’s supposed to say it to he backed down and I don’t respect that. But at the end of the day does it all really matter? No. 

“Yeah, it’s a good story. It’s something that the fans can get behind and get interested in. But all that matters at the end of the day is what happens on February 5 and that’s me going to be dominating him from round one.”