Former world champion and British boxing great Chris Eubank Sr believes the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor is good for boxing.

“Everything controversial is good for boxing. This fight between Mayweather and McGregor is making a crossover between MMA and boxing. The key word is ‘entertainment’. There are no negatives with Mayweather fighting McGregor as far as I’m concerned. It is good for boxing,” told Eubank Sr in an interview with The Sun.

The great debate is that whether McGregor can actually land any significant punches against one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time. Eubank claims he has the answer and the right strategy. With his experience and knowledge, surely he can give a hint or two. But to actually beat Mayweather? It’s a very tall order for McGregor.

“I have the strategy but I am not going to tell you what it is. I am not teasing you. I am talking from a position of 19 world championship wins, five world championship losses, beatings, severe injury. I am talking about being unbeaten for ten years. And I am talking about the ’90s, when fighters were of a different calibre. The ability was far better than what you see today. How I think Mayweather can be beaten is for one person’s ears only — and that is McGregor,” he said.

Eubank Sr also hopes that his own son, Eubank Jr, might one day participate in a similar event. And apparently, he already has an extensive background.

I hope one day my son, Christopher, will be able to take part in a crossover fight and bring a UFC fighter into the boxing ring. The first martial art my son learnt aged around ten was jiu-jitsu so he can already wrestle. I’d have no concerns about Christopher boxing someone from MMA.”