Are we finally going to see Khan vs Brook in 2018?

Over the years, the back and forth between the two Britons who share bad blood has turned into somewhat of a soap opera drama. Will they? won’t they? there has been a lot of accusations going backwards and forwards. However finally, the ice is once again beginning to thaw and the potential grudge clash in 2018 seems conceivable again.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Khan spoke about the “massive” matchup and stressed the need for it to take place, but Khan did add that it would be more prudent at this moment for both himself and Kell Brook to try and get back on the winning trail and hopefully bring a world title to the table which would, in turn, increase the profile of the fight ahead of a potential 2018 date. A significant stumbling block in prior negotiations had always been Khan’s excessively high demands, this however no longer appears to be the case as he edged any potential suitors to call his manager, Al Haymon.

Eddie Hearn, Kell Brook’s promoter agreed with the view taken by Khan, speaking to “Both guys need an interim fight” meanwhile reaffirming his own intention to see a fight that Britain has been clamouring for; finally get made. “I’d still like to see Brook and Khan, and hopefully we can make it”

Kell Brook recently touched on the topic too after talking at an App Empire UK event, Brook was very vocal about what would happen in any potential matchup and once again opened up on the lingering animosity between the pair.”I want to get in there and beat Queen Khan up,” Brook said. “We all want to see me stood over him, saying, ‘listen, I told you. I told you.

Both Brook and Khan have suffered gruelling losses in recent memory, Khan suffering the 2016 RING MAGAZINE knockout of the year at the hands of Canelo Alvarez, whilst Brook had his IBF World Welterweight Championship brutally ripped from him in his hometown of Sheffield at the hands of the rising star, Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence. These losses have of course reduced the radiance going into the potential matchup but it remains one of the most desired fights that people want to see, particularly in the U.K.