Floyd Mayweather Responds To ‘Jealous’ Jibe From Gervonta Davis

Floyd Mayweather has responded to claims that a press conference for his next exhibition fight was purposely held on the same day as one for Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Rolando Romero.

Davis took to social media with a tweet, now deleted, to take a shot at his promoter describing him as ‘jealous’. Things appear turbulent in their relationship with the lightweight star rumoured to be a free agent after his next fight against Romero on May 28 which is under the PBC and Mayweather Promotions banners.

In an interview with FightHype Mayweather rarely referred to Davis by his name and frequently described him as ‘fighter’. Off the bat the hall-of-famer explained why his presser for his exhibition against Don Moore on a helipad in Dubai clashed with Davis-Romero.

“I’m never trying to step on anyone’s toes. That wasn’t my idea. I didn’t even want the press conference to be on the same day. I wasn’t gonna do it Thursday, but they paid me a million dollars to do it.

“Anderson Silva (who fights on the undercard) had to fly out of Miami late Thursday night or early Friday morning. If I’m not mistaken, he was headed to Brazil so we couldn’t do the press conference on any other day. I asked them could we do it any other day they said absolutely not. I’m not going to tell a man to move a schedule for me. It’s about compromise.”

The 45-year-old widely regarded as one of the greatest to lace up a pair of gloves and who won world titles at five different weights also spoke about how he fought Davis’ corner when in his opinion others did not.

“We seem to forget I’m the same one that got on the podium, not too long ago, and went to war for my fighter. I’m the same one that got on the podium and said why isn’t my fighter Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis on the pound for pound list. When my fighter didn’t make weight and the media bashed my fighter, I’m the only one that went out there on the frontline and went to war for my fighter. These are things that we seem to forget.

“When nobody knew who my fighter was, and he didn’t have a ton of fights, I took him and put him on a pay-per-view card and made sure that his fight was showed to millions around the world. That’s the guy that I am and will always be.”