It’s easy to forget that it hasn’t all been plain sailing for Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather Takes Shots
Floyd takes one on the chin

In fact despite being widely regarded as one of the finest defensive boxers ever, there’s a fair argument to make that Floyd Mayweather’s vast earning potential is built upon his undefeated record.

Fifteen years ago however, he nearly blew it all when he took on Jose Luis Castillo in Vegas for the WBC lightweight title on 20th April 2002.

Known at the time as ‘Pretty Boy’ rather than ‘Money’, the performance will go down as May weather’s ugliest to date.

Although the official record states that Floyd won a relatively wide decision, Jose Luis Castillo and for a majority of those watching would beg to disagree.

Not seen the fight? Check out the highlights below and decide for yourself:

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