The story keeps on developing.

Former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury recently announced that he has retired from professional boxing.

However, promoter Frank Warren still has hope that Tyson Fury will return to the ring as professional boxer in the future. According to his sources, Fury is just acting out again.

“They’re fighting UKAD. If he was going to retire what’s the point in fighting UKAD? You might as well say ‘Forget it, I’m done’. I want to see him back in the ring. I hope that’s the case (that Fury’s again being mischievous): that’s what I’m told,” said the promoter according to the Daily Mail.

This is not the first time that Fury has announced his retirement from boxing. Last October he did the same exact thing but then chose to continue his career. Warren says that boxing definitely needs a character like Tyson Fury.

“Boxing misses him. He’s a character; more importantly he can fight, and he’s missing boxing. He would miss boxing; it’d be a tragedy if he wasn’t to fight again because he’s got a lot still to give.”